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Matt Heinz, a frequent guest contributor to GeekWire, is president of Heinz Marketing, a Redmond-based sales & marketing firm. You can connect with Matt via email, Twitter, LinkedIn or his blog.

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The 6 habits of highly successful, fast growth companies

Pull together a list of Seattle’s fastest-growing companies and you’ll see a wide variety of industries, leadership styles, go-to-market approaches and organizational structures. But pull back the top layers that make them different, and you’ll likely find a handful of operational, productivity and management habits that make these companies look more alike than you otherwise… Read More


Ask the Productivity Geek: 6 questions, 6 answers

Editor’s Note: This is the first installment in a periodic column where we’ve asked Matt Heinz, who has been writing an occasional column on productivity for GeekWire, to answer questions on topics related to productivity, work/life balance and time management practices.  If you have questions, email Matt directly or leave them in the comments below. When taking… Read More


How to keep your big business from acting like a startup

Much has been written — including my last column on GeekWire —about why it’s important for new businesses and startups to keep from acting like big companies. But that doesn’t mean the startup environment is a model of efficiency and productivity. There are, in fact, several common startup characteristics that big companies should avoid to increase their… Read More


How to keep your startup from acting like a big company

The kind of big-company behavior we all hate – bureaucracy, slow decision-making, politics, stifled innovation – doesn’t just happen at big companies. It creeps into new businesses as well, with just a handful of people. If you don’t actively watch for it, proactively keep it out, and eject it immediately when you see the first… Read More

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7 ways to get other people to read for you

Want to read more, but just don’t have the time? Let someone else read for you! It’s not crazy. There are a number of tools, most online and many for free, where someone else does the “heavy lifting” of reading everything, summarizing what’s most important and prescient for you. In just a few minutes, you… Read More

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Nine ways to make your morning more productive

How often does your morning live up to expectations? If you’re like me, you go to bed at night expecting great things and great progress by 10:00 a.m. Unfortunately, three snooze buttons later, with two different shades of blue socks on, the gym bag forgotten at home, rushing to your first meeting and already behind… Read More


11 key tips to stay productive while on the go

It’s hard enough to stay productive in the office or at your desk – with your full array of resources, hardware and professional creature comforts surrounding you. But when you’re away from your normal workplace – traveling on business, across town in meetings, or anytime you’re working while mobile – there are plenty of best… Read More

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9 productive things to do during a flight delay

Traveling is an exercise in wasted time. The lines, the security pat-downs, and the inevitable delays. Clearly you want your flight to leave on time, but if you use the time right, a flight delay can be an excellent way to catch up on work you otherwise might not prioritize. Do it right, and a… Read More


Productivity Porn: 8 key steps to going paperless

I love paper. I hate paper. Independent of format, print or digital, what I want is information at my fingertips when I need it, wherever I am. I want instant capture of ideas, to-do’s and notes (which for me still requires paper) but I want that paper to disappear as quickly as possible. Less paper… Read More

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Productivity Porn: 7 tricks for beating procrastination

We procrastinate for a variety of reasons.  Fear.  Intimidation.  Laziness.  Distractions.  All reasonable obstacles.  But if you’re prioritized your tasks and projects correctly, the work still needs to get done. I’ve found that procrastination can be the single-largest hurdle keeping individuals at all levels from being more productive and getting more done. It’s a silent… Read More


Productivity Porn: 7 ways to achieve work/life balance

Productivity too often can become more than a means to an end.  If left unchecked, being more productive can simply make you feel compelled to fill additional time with more work.  That’s a fine outcome if you need to (or want to) get more done.  But balance – time away from work – is equally… Read More


15 New Year Resolutions for Entrepreneurs

I’m sure by now your 2012 plan, budget and professional objectives are baked and ready to go. Ideally, some of those objectives are reflected in your personal goals and New Year Resolutions as well. But for those still writing goals and resolutions, as well as the rest of you, here are several collected from business… Read More


11 holiday gift ideas for geeks and entrepreneurs

Sure, you could give a nice bottle of wine or Scotch.  But for the entrepreneur, geek or start-up junkie in your life (peer, colleague, family member or otherwise), consider something more relevant this year that can, even in a small way, help them professionally in 2012. The following eleven ideas are listed in relative order… Read More

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The Startup’s Guide to Bootstrapping Marketing

Twelve years ago, marketing was a primary recipient of the mountains of cash thrown at start-ups in an effort to grow fast.  But over the past two to three years, I don’t see many new businesses that couldn’t bootstrap their marketing in their formative months or years. This thought alone will make many a startup… Read More


Guest Commentary: Four keys to selling beyond early adopters

The life and early path of a disruptive entrepreneur can be lonely indeed.  By definition, you’re building something that nobody has seen before, that nobody has used before, and that few may have thought was necessary. The market need you’ve identified may be foreign to most people you speak with.  The value you’re creating doesn’t… Read More


12 Time Wasters That Will Kill Your Startup’s Productivity

Guest Commentary: The last thing most start-ups can afford is wasted time.  By definition you’re still trying to figure out if you have a business, what your customers will respond to, what strategies and tactics will scale revenue and, eventually, lead to profitability and some kind of exit. But every day, we let time wasters… Read More


Summer reading list: 10 picks for early stage tech startups

Guest Commentary: There’s nothing wrong with that trashy novel you’ve tucked away for the vacation, long weekend, or mere sunny afternoon in the backyard. But you can also use the long summer days ahead to catch up on some important reading that will help your business. Below are ten summer reading recommendations for startups –… Read More


Seven marketing mistakes most startups make

Guest commentary: Marketing for a startup is different than anything you may have done before. It’s different from the big-company and/or traditional marketing many executives may be used to, and a whole new challenge for entrepreneurs who don’t have a background in marketing to begin with. The way startups need to market themselves is as… Read More