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High above Seattle, a tech meetup at zero gravity

Is a zero-gravity meetup the newest trend in networking? While the rest of Seattle was watching the Patriots Jet Team perform at Seafair last Saturday, GeekWire was donning its flight suit with tech notables in preparation for getting weightless. The Zero Gravity Corporation’s second-ever flight from Seattle lured some of the region’s most interesting people to… Read More


Our weightless wait is over: Zero-g flight arriving soon

We’ve got asteroid miners, space elevator builders, and rocket makers galore, not to mention world-class space investors like Jeff Bezos and Paul Allen. Space is now a $150m+ business in Washington state, home to dozens of companies employing hundreds of people. Little surprise, then, that Seattle makes it to a short list of US cities to… Read More


How chef Tom Douglas learned to cater to Amazon’s culture, and its tightwad workers

When it comes to Seattle’s hometown successes, you could describe Tom Douglas as the Amazon of fine dining. Over the last ten years, this serial restaurateur has rolled out a dozen competition-crushing eateries spanning cuisines from Greece to Tibet. If his spectacular Serious Pie micro-chain in particular grows any larger, expect media hang-wringing over the… Read More