Cool or not? Google patent filing sucks up to Larry Page

Is Google CEO Larry Page cool, or not? It appears Google employees are taking no chances on their boss’ status, giving a certain “Larry” high marks in a patent application made public last week. The application was originally filed last year, just months before Google’s social network Google Plus was released. It describes a rating system… Read More


Startup Weekend comes to City Hall to inspire government apps

More than 100 app developers, designers, entrepreneurs, marketing experts, private citizens and government officials will descend on Seattle City Hall for 54 hours this weekend to share ideas and create public-inspired mobile apps using government data. The gathering, hosted by Startup Weekend, is the first event ever dedicated to developing government-oriented mobile apps in the… Read More

iPhone vs. Android

Twitter releases updated apps for iPhone and Android

Twitter announced updates to its iPhone and Android apps today — adding advanced search functions, a condensed activity/discover section, and improved push notifications. New to the app is the “activity” feature that tracks what your friends follow, favorite and retweet. This feature, similar to Facebook’s ticker, was previously exclusive to Twitter’s web interface. It’s in the… Read More


OneBusAway app scrambled, but agencies promise fixes

The popular app OneBusAway, developed at the University of Washington, keeps track of bus schedules in real time for thousands of  transit riders in the Seattle region. But increasingly those users have come to accept a little bit of, shall we say, flexibility in arrival times. Ghost buses, routes with incorrect numbers, out-of-date stops. All these… Read More