Amazon to open 1-million square foot fulfillment center near hometown of Seattle is expanding in its own backyard. The Seattle-based company announced Friday that it plans to open a new fulfillment center in Kent, about 20 miles south of the company’s headquarters in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. It will mark the company’s fourth planned fulfillment center in Washington state, joining other facilities in Sumner and… Read More


This Microsoft vet just scored $4 million to radically change the way you use email on mobile devices

Let’s face it. Managing email on a mobile device kind of sucks. It’s nearly impossible to find archived messages, let alone seamlessly connecting to one’s calendar, contacts or other third-party services such as Dropbox, LinkedIn or Facebook. The whole thing just seems ready for a refresh. Gordon Mangione, a tech industry veteran who worked as a corporate… Read More

Aaron Easterly with Caramel on the GeekWire podcast fetches $12M, plans to expand dog sitting marketplace

Online dog sitting marketplace has a new best friend: Menlo Ventures. The Silicon Valley venture capital firm, an early backer of, Uber and Tumblr, is leading a $12 million investment in the Seattle startup. That brings total funding in the 43-person company to nearly $25 million, making it the most heavily funded of… Read More


Man vs. Robot: The ultimate ping pong challenge

As many of you know, we love our ping pong here at GeekWire. In fact, we’ll be hosting our annual GeekWire Anniversary Bash & Ping Pong tournament next Thursday at the Showbox Sodo. We’ve got some awesome players in the lineup this year — including past champions Avi Cavale of Shippable, Sanjay Puri of 9Mile… Read More


Zach Galifianakis to President Obama: Why would you get the guy who created the Zune to make your Web site?

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: President Barack Obama from President Barack Obama This is pretty hilarious stuff. President Barack Obama goes toe-to-toe with comedian Zach Galifianakis on “Between Two Ferns” — with the two shooting from the hip as they touch on everything from gay marriage to football to Bradley Cooper. The best part is when Galifianakis… Read More


Seattle BioMed lands $9.8M grant to study HIV vaccine

Seattle BioMed has received a $9.8 million grant from National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to fund the initial phases of a vaccine that could neutralize antibodies against HIV-1. The Seattle non-profit will lead a consortium on the effort that also includes the Rockefeller University, the University of Washington, Seattle Children’s Hospital and the Fred Hutchinson… Read More


Education startup General Assembly lands $35M, tops 100,000 students

General Assembly has reeled in $35 million in fresh funding, money that the New York-based company will use to continue expansion of its unique educational community. The company also announced that more than 100,000 students have participated in the community to date. Maveron, the Seattle venture capital firm behind companies such as Zulily and Capella… Read More


The real reason Ballmer left: Board battles, tension with Gates and differences over hardware strategy

When Steve Ballmer announced his intentions to resign as CEO of Microsoft last August, the hard-charging tech executive noted in a press release that it was simply time to move on. The decision was surprising, in part because Ballmer had previously expressed a desire to stick with the company until his kids graduated from high-school… Read More


Rudy Gadre unplugged: Seattle super angel on what he looks for in entrepreneurs and more

Seattle super angel Rudy Gadre has probably done more than just about anyone to keep the entrepreneurial flames burning bright in the Pacific Northwest. Over the past three years, the former Facebook general counsel and exec has invested in a mind-numbing 60 startup companies, everything from online dating service Likebright to mobile shopping app… Read More


Online real estate marketplace grabs $50M from Google Capital

Another day, another Internet startup with a billion dollar valuation. This time it’s, an Irvine, Calif.-based online real estate marketplace that reportedly has raised $50 million from Google Capital at a $1.2 billion valuation. claims to be the country’s leading online real estate marketplace with $26 billion worth of residential and commercial property… Read More


Is this Realtor’s Web site a direct rip off of Redfin?

Take a look at the Web site of Asset Realty Group, and you might start to see some striking similarities to Redfin. Tim Ellis, a longtime real estate watcher who pens the popular Seattle Bubble blog, discovered those similarities recently and started asking some questions. The result? Ellis contends that the Asset Realty Group’s site… Read More


Teledesic 2.0? Facebook looking to buy solar-powered drone maker Titan to deliver Internet access from the skies

Craig McCaw’s Teledesic raised hundreds of millions of dollars in the 1990s to build low-orbiting satellites that could deliver high-speed Internet to those below. The idea fizzled, despite the involvement of the likes of Boeing and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. But the concept remains alive, at least in a less expensive form, in a New… Read More


Zillow was just an answer on Jeopardy! Can you answer these 5 other geeky questions?

Well, it looks like Zillow has finally made it. The Seattle online real estate company was the subject of a Jeopardy! answer Monday night. Appropriately enough, it occurred in a category dubbed “dot-com,” and a history professor from Cypress, Texas by the name of Babu Srinivasan nailed the $400 question. In fact, Srinivasan is probably a fan… Read More