Concur unveils Trip Maximizer to help sales professionals find prospects

Redmond-based Concur is best known for helping business travelers manage travel and entertainment expenses.  Now, with the addition of Trip Maximizer, the company is looking to go a step further, helping sales professionals locate and communicate with clients. Here’s how the new Trip Maximizer service works: The user inputs their initial travel plans into the Salesforce… Read More


$100 a year for Office: Microsoft unveils subscription rates

Microsoft has been gradually releasing information regarding Windows 8, and all of the applications therein, since the start of 2012. One of the details we’ve been missing is the  pricing for Office 365, the suite that houses popular applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (among others). Today, the Redmond-based company officially unveiled the new pricing scheme for… Read More


On the trail of the elusive cyan Nokia Lumia 920

Earlier this month, Nokia officially unveiled the Lumia 920 Windows Phone. During the event, while the company was busy showing off the multitude of colors that the handset will release in, it didn’t take long for folks to notice that one particular color was missing: cyan. This shade of blue has become quite popular with… Read More

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Microsoft seeks patent on smacking phone into silence

Your phone is as ubiquitous as your hand at this point. Unfortunately, unlike an actual human appendage, a phone can make noise at all the wrong moments. While there are ways to silence a phone quickly already, sometimes fumbling for the device in your bag or your pocket isn’t the quickest option. Microsoft is looking to… Read More