Commentary: Keep it simple, startup

I was recently asked to judge a Shark Tank style competition hosted by the entrepreneur club at the College of Holy Cross (my alma mater), probably one similar to the elevator pitch events hosted by GeekWire and other organizations in our startup community. Budding young entrepreneurs – two individuals and three teams – pitched their… Read More


Taking on telecommuting: Maybe Marissa Mayer was right

Yahoo’s recent work from home uproar caused the pundit class to claim that one company’s internal decision was a mandate that that would kill off workplace flexibility and set women back decades across the country. The problem: it wasn’t. Yahoo made a decision for Yahoo, and other companies may follow suit.  That’s not a bad… Read More

(Flickr photo via JMRosenfeld)

Planning for the triple tax: Or what to do when your business model actually works

Congratulations!  Your startup moved out of the dorm room, shared work space or whatever other creative locale you’ve found inspirational.  Online technologies are pushing new businesses to rising heights again (this time, hopefully, without the bursting bubble and subsequent crash.) So, where’s the money? Experts agree that the failure rate for businesses in the first two… Read More