Survey shows changes in tech use at state’s biggest university

Enthusiasm for technology runs wide and deep at the University of Washington, which recently took a snapshot of current tech usage patterns by students, faculty and teaching assistants.  Supplemental materials such as course recordings and streaming or downloadable content have contributed to substantial changes in tech use since 2008 (the time of the last reporting). One example… Read More


Microsoft cautions ‘Piracy Lurks Everywhere’

To help inform small businesses of the risk of being lured by counterfeit software offerings, Microsoft has launched a worldwide online video awareness campaign that calls attention to software acquistion methods that may lead to purchasing pirated content.  The digital video campaign is designed to provide more information and heighten awareness of the risks associated… Read More


Windows Phone Marketplace surpasses 70,000 apps

Microsoft has topped more than 70,000 apps for its Windows Phone Marketplace, up from 50,000 in December, according to reports out of China.  Although this may not sound like much compared to Google and Apple’s App Store — where both reportedly have passed the half million mark — it shows that Microsoft is actively bringing… Read More