5 Reasons Google Shut Down Its Affiliate Network

Industry veterans will tell you that affiliate marketing is about relationships. So when the head of the Google Affiliate Network (GAN), J. J. Hirschle made a brief announcement that Google planned to shutter the network just shy of its fifth birthday, it shouldn’t surprise anyone since relationships have never been Google’s strong suit. What was… Read More


Nordstrom’s e-commerce bet pays off big

Over $1 billion in direct sales. That’s what Nordstrom raked in according to their fiscal year 2012 report, a first in the company’s history. Overall sales grew by 12.1 percent year-over-year with e-commerce achieving an impressive 37 percent growth. Those numbers put Nordstrom 4.8 percent ahead of comparable retailers according to Internet Retailer. Why the success? Understanding that if… Read More


American Express links with Twitter: Will security risks sink this buy-by-Tweet experiment?

Social commerce is about ease. And what’s easier than using a hashtag to make a purchase? Today American Express, in conjunction with Twitter, is launching a program built on that premise. The idea is simple. American Express partners with a retailer and assigns a hashtag to a physical product. Cardholders who have opted-in and synced… Read More


Channel Intelligence buy increases Google’s advantage over Facebook in e-commerce

Facebook may know what consumers like, but it doesn’t yet understand how consumers shop. Google does and has been steadily developing that understanding with new tools to capitalize on the power of its ubiquitous analytics platform in order to grow Google Shopping. As part of that initiative, last summer Google launched Google Trusted Stores, promising… Read More


A guide to why Amazon is losing the tax battle

Guest commentary: You may be right Jeff Bezos, but no one sympathizes. Yes, the U.S. Supreme Court made it clear in its 1992 ruling of Quill Corp. v. North Dakota that and other online retailers shouldn’t have to pay taxes in states where they don’t have physical presences. Yet, even with law on your… Read More