UW partners with not-for-profit edX to offer free online courses

In another attempt to help expand university-level instruction access on a wide scale, the University of Washington announced a new partnership Tuesday with edX, an online learning platform founded by MIT and Harvard that provides Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs. MOOCs are online courses that use streamed lectures, auto-graded exams and peer-led collaboration to bring free courses from elite… Read More


InterConnection refurbishes, distributes computers to fellow non-profits for cheap

Whether you’re Amazon or the corner doughnut shop, it can be a long, lonely road without a website or up-to-date computer these days. But for non-profits, finding the funds for these devices and tools can be tough. Thankfully, though, InterConnection has an answer. The Seattle-born non-profit refurbishes monitors, laptops and desktop PCs, selling them to non-profits… Read More

Earl featured

This backcountry survival tablet has a GPS, solar panels and a two-way radio

Ever wondered what what would happen if your iPad met Google Maps and they decided to go out on an adventure together? The outcome might look something like a new hardware device called “Earl.” Sqigle, a Seattle-based startup founded last summer, is currently working on a crowdfunded Android-based tablet meant to be a “backcountry survival guide,”… Read More


Inside La Marzocco: Starbucks’ original espresso machine gets a high-tech makeover

Walking into the La Marzocco distribution center and showroom, the ambiance is pretty low profile. Amidst the rows of smooth, stainless steel coffee machines, the static sound of frothing milk hangs in the air as a single cappuccino is prepared. Positioned on a quiet corner in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, the warehouse and showroom blend into the… Read More


This app lets you create personalized placebo effects to enhance your life

Daniel Jacobs had barely entered high school when he decided he wanted to wrestle. A self-described “short, chubby kid,” he barely looked the part. But one day, Jacobs said he tracked down the school’s wresting coach and declared without introduction that he would be a wrestling champion. “[The coach] could have laughed,” Jacobs said. “Instead,… Read More

World Vision / Intermec collaboration

World Vision using mobile computers to speed up medical data collection

To help deliver more efficient aid to remote areas internationally, two Seattle companies are teaming up. World Vision International announced a new partnership today with Intermec, an Everett-based company that processes data and develops RFID products, industrial printers and bar coding scanners. The Christian aid organization plans to use Intermec’s mobile device, the CN50, to streamline the data collection process of its… Read More


Meet Sidebar: Student programmer creates popular Android app at CodeDay Seattle

We’re pretty geeky up here in the Pacific Northwest. With messenger bags full of the latest Windows gear and too many new startups to count, we’re in no short supply of tech gurus. So it’s no surprise that in Seattle we have StudentRND preparing high school techies for the real world that awaits them. StudentRND’s multi-annual CodeDay hackathon took… Read More


MovingWorlds: Where Peace Corps meets Match.com

When it comes to volunteering, there’s no shortage of global organizations looking for extra hands, but it’s not always easy finding a place to lend your efforts. Enter MovingWorlds, a Seattle startup that’s building a platform where people can go, list their expertise, and find an organization that’s looking for exactly what they have to… Read More


From human waste disposal to homegrown food storefronts, meet Fledge’s socially-conscious startups

Natural soap, online groceries, cell phones, volunteer training, drip clips, human waste, point rewards, and your old tennis shoes. Wondering what these things have in common? They’re all concepts for Fledge’s sophomore class of socially conscious startups. Fledge, an incubator program led by Michael “Luni” Libes, held its second-ever Demo Day at the HUB Seattle Thursday night, as eight groups… Read More


Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: Tech’s new champion for immigration reform

When Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced his position on immigration reform in a Washington Post op-ed on Wednesday, no one was surprised to hear that, like many Americans, Zuckerberg found the system flawed. But in the emotionally-charged issue of immigration, Zuckerberg’s perspective is colored by his place in the technology world. Backed by a group of… Read More