Photo via Wikipedia/Flickr/Creative Commons/Gage Skidmore/Ted Cruz
Photo via Wikipedia/Flickr/Creative Commons/Gage Skidmore/Ted Cruz

Oh, Ted Cruz.

The Texas senator told the Daily Beast that he has an addiction of sorts — a video game addiction that is.

Apparently, after long days of hating on Obamacare and running for president, Cruz likes to unwind with some gaming, especially with his daughters.

According to the Daily Beast, the current favorite games of the Tea Party “firebrand” are  Plants vs. Zombies (from Seattle’s own PopCap Games); Candy Crush, in which “he claims he’s in the 217th level“; and The Creeps!.

The Daily Beast reports that Cruz says his addiction is so severe that “he has to proactively deny himself the ability to spend time on it.”

A long-time lover of games, Cruz cites Space Invaders and Centipede as favorites when he was young. “I was a kid growing up in the ’70s and ’80s,” he tells the Daily Beast. “I had a Nintendo, an Atari. I still remember the Christmas we got our first Pong game.”

I dunno. This interview sounds like a lame deliberate attempt to appeal to the younger crowd — which tends to swing Democrat. Nice try, Cruz.

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  • Duddioman

    Molly, you’re a turd. Many of us Conservatives grew up in the gaming generation and still play. You think everyone who plays games is liberal, and he has to pander to that?

    Looks more like your “lame attempt” to discredit Cruz for sharing a hobby fell flat. Nice try, Molly.

    • Paul Furio

      Any critique that starts out with a personal attack instantly loses all credibility.

  • CM2013

    he’s a game changer isn’t he? lol.

  • robotlogic

    Nice try, Molly! Don’t try and twist an interview that you were not a part of into something else.

  • Deborah6416

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  • HA!

    Simple mind, simple games….

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