PAX Prime tickets went on sale at noon today. The four-day gaming convention is held at the Washington State Convention Center in late August each year, and passes have been notoriously difficult to purchase in the last couple of years.

Many hopeful PAX attendees were surprised by a missing option today when they made it through the virtual queue to purchase their tickets: No all-weekend passes were made available.

The organizers explained their reasoning for this change in a blog post that went up earlier in the day.

When looking over the data, we saw that people were buying 4-Day badges and not using them for the full four days. By switching everything over to single days, we can help ensure that every sold badge actually gets used. Since the show isn’t falling on Labor Day, it would have made the “not using the Monday part of their 4-Day badge” situation even more pronounced.

For PAX fans that do want to attend all weekend long this year, the change means a big spike in the ticket price. Last year the lucky few who were able to snag 4-day passes paid $110 for the privilege. With four single-day passes costing $160 this year, the all-weekend cost shot up 45 percent from last year.


Day passes to PAX have cost $30 to $35 since 2008, making this the most expensive PAX to date by any measure.


In the midst of the mad dash to get tickets before the rapid sellout, many buyers also faced a bug in the buying process that prevented them from purchasing more than two of each of the day passes (the limit was intended to be four).

Despite the technical issues and the price increase, by 12:54 p.m., the event was already completely sold out.

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  • Kahai

    They should offer both, and get some frakking any ticket botting software… >.>

  • zaphod

    What a bunch of jerk offs. Every year I try to get tickets, and every year they sell out before anyone older than 17 can buy them within a split second.

    • Slaggggg

      How do you suggest they fix that?

      • Cody Custis

        Raise the price.
        If an event sells out in an hour, the price is too low. Considering that the event price is relatively low to travel / hotel costs for those not based in Seattle, they should reserve some passes at higher prices.

    • balls187

      Got mine.

      So solly.

    • Chloe

      Try to look online for someone selling one… That’s how I got mine.

  • TronSheridan

    That greed. And a con created by a couple hipsters. Hypocrisy?

  • Malia Neilsen

    The carts timing out worked. Took a couple of tries but i got mine about 1:00 or so. @zaphod323:disqus anyone younger than 17 is most likely in school on a wednesday at noon and wouldn’t be able to get them anyway. Keep trying, it took me a couple of years. Miss the days of walking up and buying them at the door.

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