xboxoneThis holiday season left Microsoft a rather significant present.

The Redmond-based company announced today that sales of the Xbox One have topped three million units, since the console’s launch in 13 countries on Nov. 22. That’s a million more consoles sold than Microsoft’s last disclosure less than a month ago.

If Microsoft’s earlier claims that the Xbox One is selling faster than the PS4 hold up, it could mean that the One has outpaced Sony’s offering. The fact that Microsoft is the first to boast about its sales figures after the holidays would certainly point to that.

“The reaction from our fans was mind-blowing for our team. As we see your excitement, your energy and your hours of gameplay, we continue to be inspired to do great work – for you,” the company wrote in a blog post. The company also said that the Xbox One was the fastest selling game console during the launch month of November.

It’s good news for Microsoft, coming off a report that the PS4 was outselling the Xbox One on the secondary market.

In December, the PS4’s one week launch lead made it the best-selling console at the time, but the two game systems were roughly neck-and-neck going into the holidays. Now, it seems that despite its higher price tag, the Xbox One may have been able to better reap the rewards of the holiday shopping extravaganza.

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  • guest

    Not bad, looks like PS4 will come in around 4m. Unfortunately for MSFT, PS4 killed it in Europe (outselling the xbox by more than 2:1). And PS4 may have outsold XboxOne in NA (if so, just barely, it’s pretty much a dead heat – which is actually kinda bad, considering where xb360 was relative to PS3).

    Look to see XboxOne around 4m at the end of Q1, and PS4 around 6m (JP launch will add 1m at least)

    • Tely

      I have both systems. And here’s what I’ll tell you. Graphically they’re identical. I have a 60″ LED Samsung and can’t tell the difference. What I have noticed so far is that the XB1 is used more often. It’s now my movie streaming, tv guide operating controller. I’ve also found that .. so far… the games on the XB1 have benefited from the more PC mentality of it’s programmers where the PS4 still feel very “last gen” when it comes to game mechanics.
      That will change over the next year as both developers begin to understand what they’re system is capable of, and Sonys devs get away from the “last gen” approach to game mechanics. I have high hopes because I always loved my PS3 more than my 360. But at this point.. MS is beating my PS4 and leaving it with a sad layer of dust on top.
      If the XB1 had a keyboard and mouse, I’d likely give up PC gaming. HEAR THAT MS, I’D LIKE TO STOP PC GAMING BY USING YOUR PC AS A PC AND NOT BUY A STEAM BRICK! Seriously, had to get that out of my system because I just read the SteamOS Q&A.

    • jees

      That doesn’t matter. Americans by enough consoles to make up for 3 whole continents. America will always be the reason MS stays on top. The most important market.

      • guest

        Here, have some more kool-aid.

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