ballmer122To say Steve Ballmer is excited to own the Los Angeles Clippers would be quite the understatement.

The former Microsoft CEO spoke at a Clippers fan rally one week after he formally became the team’s new owner.

He was introduced by head coach Doc Rivers and came out screaming, yelling, and high-fiving fans.

“I can’t hear you!” he yelled. “Do we have any Clippers fans here?! I can’t hear you!”

Ballmer said he couldn’t be more “honored, excited, or fired up to be here.” He noted that “we’re not moving the Clippers to Seattle.”

Is that a Surface Pro 3?
Is that a Surface Pro 3?

“I’m going to love beating the old Seattle basketball team,” Ballmer said in reference to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Ballmer repeated that he’s going to do everything he can to support the team, the fans, and the L.A. community with an optimistic frame of mind.

“We’re going to be bold,” he said. “If you’re not being bold, you’re being timid. And the L.A. Clippers will be bold.”

Unsurprisingly, Ballmer brought out what seems to be his favorite word post-Microsoft: Hardcore.

“We’re going to be hardcore. HARD. CORE,” he yelled. “Nothing gets in our way. Boom! We’ll keep coming. Hardcore Clippers — that’s us.”

Here’s a quick video that shows Ballmer’s excitement:

You can watch Ballmer’s full speech at the 2:46:00 mark:

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  • Patrick Husting

    The dude is going to be a great and entertaining owner! Bring on the screaming Steve!

  • Patrick Husting

    The BEST game of the year will be Clippers vs Mavericks. Ballmer vs. Cuban in the yelling and screaming match!

  • John Travolta

    Arrr gif with Steve Ballmer ))) More than 15,000 views for 20 min )))) !

  • kidmodel

    With all that hyperactive behavior one would think he’d be a lot thinner? Loud and obnoxious Uncle Fester look alike only sans light bulb and cool-son-in-law, Gomez. The Fester-Gomez fun-themed, but doomed, oncoming Lionel train wreck is a metaphor for Ballmer’s future. Too diaphoretic for comfort. Ick.

    • panacheart

      He works out all the time. Dude is in shape.

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