A sign outside of Amazon's HQ in Seattle. Photo via Matt Shobe.
A sign outside of Amazon’s HQ in Seattle. Photo via Matt Shobe.

Amazon announced today that it has 2,500 job openings between six fulfillment centers in Chester, Va., Dupont, Wash., Coffeyville, Kan., Murfreesboro, Tenn., Columbia, S.C. and Petersburg, Va.

“Last year, we hired more than 20,000 people into full-time jobs across our U.S. fulfillment centers – with more than half starting as seasonal employees,” Mike Roth, Amazon’s Vice President of North America Operations said in a press release. “Today, we’re excited to announce 2,500 full-time jobs, bringing new employment opportunities to local communities across the country.”

The new positions come at a time when the Amazon juggernaut is firing on all cylinder, with a workforce that has mushroomed in recent years.

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Those 20,000 new employees were a key part of Amazon’s employee growth in the past year. The company finished 2013 with 117,000 employees, surpassing Microsoft’s total. (Microsoft likely will reclaim the lead temporarily after gobbling up Nokia’s 30,000 employees).

While Amazon’s announcement highlighted the benefits package available to fulfillment center workers, it has been widely criticized for its labor practices. They garnered protests in Seattle last year from Ver.di, a trade union representing workers in Germany. More than 1,000 German workers, concerned that the continued protests would cause Amazon to move jobs elsewhere, signed a petition voicing their opposition to the union’s actions. In addition a small group of employees at a fulfillment center in Delaware failed to authorize Amazon’s first domestic union last month.

Protestors also paraded outside of Amazon’s headquarters on Tuesday morning, discussing a wide-range of issues.

[This story has been updated to clarify details about the fulfillment centers where Amazon is hiring.]

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  • JDConway

    Don’t count on it if you’re older. Age discrimination is alive and well at Amazon. I posses all the qualifications, have a clean background, but was been denied employment via an email including the dismissive reason that “we have decided not to move forward with your application for the Fulfillment Associate”.
    I tried in vain to contact Amazon via their corporate offices, but had this frustrating chat exchange with someone presumable in their recruiting department:

    You are now connected to Sakthi from
    Amazon Fulfillment.

    Me:Fulfillment Associate –
    Murfreesboro, TN – BNA3 position

    Sakthi:Hello […], my name is Sakthi.

    What can I help you with today?

    Me:I received an email that Amazon
    has decided not to move forward with my application for Fulfillment Associate.
    It would be helpful for me to understand why this decision was made.

    Sakthi:Please give me a moment while
    I look up your account.

    Thanks for waiting.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have that
    information. I see that at this time we have decided to move forward with other

    Me:i understand that is the case,
    but what is it about me that resulted in the decision to pass on my
    application? I know you probably cannot tell me anything specifically, but it
    would be helpful to know so I can understand what you are looking for. I feel
    like I am being excluded for no good reason.

    Sakthi:I understand your concern, […].
    based on the hiring needs of the site the applications will be moved forward.
    Due to confidentiality reason we don’t have access to the report

    We appreciate the time you invested
    in your application.

    Please apply for any future open,
    available positions.

    Me:Perhaps there is someone else
    that I can speak with who can answer these important questions for me.

    Sakthi:I’m sorry, but I can’t offer
    any additional insight or action on this matter.

    Is there anything else I can assist
    you with today?

    Me:I feel that I would be an asset
    to Amazon in the capacity that they are asking, and yet, I can receive no
    reason why I am not considered for this position. It would be so helpful for me
    to understand so I can do what is necessary to make adjustments.

    Can you tell to whom I can address
    my concerns?

    Sakthi:I do understand your concern,
    […]. But in this case, we’re unable to determine the reason for rejection due
    to confidentiality reasons.

    Me:If I am the person to the the
    confidentiality applies, why can I not know the reasons? I understand that you
    cannot help me. Please direct me to the department that can answer, or at least
    discuss my concerns.

    Sakthi:I’m sorry, but I can’t offer
    any additional insight or action on this matter.

    We appreciate your interest in
    Amazon Fulfillment.

    Sakthi has left the conversation.

  • Workers Anonymous

    Although Amazon is hiring all these employee’s, most are seasonal. and Although they offer good benefits, no seasonal worker has access to these until a certain time requirement is met. As a Seasonal worker, your time is calculated only a certain length at which time you are escorted off the premises and out of a job

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