spaceneedle21When you fly a drone with a camera past the Space Needle, it turns out you can capture some pretty amazing imagery.

On Tuesday, an employee who was visiting Seattle from out of state flew his drone close to the landmark and later posted the footage on YouTube. He has since taken the video down, but luckily BuzzFeed captured certain parts of the clip:

Pretty awesome, right?

The drone owner actually wound up with police showing up at the hotel room where he launched the drone from. As detailed in the Seattle Police Department blog, the man told police that the drone did not hit the Space Needle as some reports earlier indicated. The contraption reportedly was also not one of Amazon’s high-profile delivery drones, which made news late last year when CEO Jeff Bezos introduced the concept on 60 Minutes.

Interestingly, the incident comes just as President Barack Obama is set to administer new guidelines that relate to the use of drones, according to a report in Politico.

The use of drones has become a highly-debated topic, and particularly in Seattle, a city which has grappled with how unmanned aerial vehicles fit into society.

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  • Stephen Medawar

    Oh man….I love this city.

  • Outer Magnolian

    FAA limits these to 400 feet. Space Needle is a lot higher. Fun video but not much help to other recreational drone flyers out here.

  • Jeff

    which drone did he use.. I want one.

  • Slaggggg

    As a libertarian I want the government out of my face. But at the same time, the idea of everyone flying their drones around is getting out of hand. I saw someone sending a drone to fly around the Great Wheel at night the other day. I would say the people inside those cabs have an expectation of privacy, and don’t want to see a drone hovering 30 feet away.
    Time to create anti-drone drones.

    • Mike

      Legally you have no privacy in those either. I can legally even take a picture of you walking around in your house/condo if I’m on public property and you’re exposed to the outside world inside your own home. I can even post the pic legally online for all to see, I just can’t profit from it.

      Drone pilots are going to see a lot more legal action against them soon. The FAA regulations alone are already being violated, which is a hazard to everyone around these drones. One drone collision with a Seaplane coming into S. Lake Union and it’ll be game over for hobbyist drone pilots.

  • Luke Arthur

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  • Guest

    Congratulations to BuzzFeed on the big win! I’m very glad that they were able to capture this video before the Seattle Police Department banned it.

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