uberxAs its service is set to be capped by city leaders in Seattle, it looks like Uber has plans to offer its transportation service 35 miles down Interstate-5 in Tacoma.

Uber set up a Twitter account for @Uber_Tacoma on Wednesday afternoon and indicated interest in coming to the city with its first tweet:

We’ve reached out to Uber to find out more details about the company setting up shop in Tacoma. We’ll update this story when we hear back.

Photo via Flickr user shingst.
Photo via Flickr user shingst.

In Tacoma, it is unclear whether Uber wants to offer its traditional UberBlack luxury service (which uses professional drivers) or UberX, which allows anyone to shuttle around riders with their own vehicle.

Uber does run Twitter accounts in other cities like Portland and Austin where the company wants to offer service but is running into roadblocks with city regulations. In Portland, Uber wanted to offer its luxury service, but city leaders there voted to keep the company out since Uber did not want to follow rules already in place for existing providers.

Uber can expect to face some backlash in Tacoma, too, especially if city leaders there place any of the company’s offerings in the same bucket as taxi services. Tacoma has a full list of requirements of anyone who wants to drive a taxi in its city, including proper licensing, criminal background checks and training programs.

Uber, which has its own set of background checks and insurance requirements, was founded in 2010 and is now in more than 80 cities worldwide. It recently began offering rides in Cincinnati and Pittsburgh

The company operates its UberBlack and UberSUV services in Seattle with no limits, but its UberX option will soon be capped to 150 cars at any given time if the Seattle City Council approves proposed regulations on Monday. 

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  • elbowman

    “Uber’s model, in theory at least, leaves more cash on the table for drivers while providing better service for riders…The real problem is that companies like Uber resist regulation of any kind, placing the safety of passengers and pedestrians solely on the shoulders of drivers.”

    • Just Aguy

      What you say is absolutely true about UberTaxi, UberBlack & UberSUV. These 3 services use licenced chauffeurs and fully insured cars. It’s the ride-sharing service UberX, and it’s clones Lyft & SideCar that pose a problem to the regulators. Neither the ride-sharing drivers are licensed as chauffeurs, and nor are the cars commercially insured. UberX drivers are ALLOWED only personal car insurance; commercial insurance is not permitted because it’s prohibitively expensive and makes the UberX business model financially unfeasible.

      I’m a current UberTaxi driver in Chicago and attended a UberX info/signup session. I was told that my personal car insurance would be the PRIMARY, while their excess liability policy would be SECONDARY insurance. But when I asked what insr. co. sells personal car insurance policies that cover ride-sharing, UberX couldn’t name a single one!
      In my opinion every ride-sharing driver is hiding this from their insurance providers! UberX is inducing and perpetuating mass insurance FRAUD for a 20% cut! And when a serious accident eventually happens, the driver will be left holding the bag…UberX will simply deactivate him and walk away!

      UberX needs to address the BASIC issue of insurance coverage, before it keeps entering new markets to take on the local regulators. I think the Feds need to step in and have a look at UberX for inducing and perpetuating insurance fraud

  • NewAgeMeMe

    “City leaders [in Portland] voted to keep the company out since Uber did not want to follow rules already in place for existing providers.”

    Huh, imagine that!

  • Steven

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