uberxFed up with how they’ve been treated, angry drivers from Uber and UberX are forming an association.

Hundreds of drivers working for the San Francisco-based transportation startup will gather on Sunday just south of Seattle to launch the association. Teamsters Local 117, an organization that helps unions across the Puget Sound region, is supporting the new group that’s designed to “protect drivers’ rights, promote public safety, and raise standards across Seattle’s personal transportation industry.”

In a blog post, Teamsters notes that the drivers made the decision to start an association after meeting on April 13, where addressed concerns about “unjust working conditions,” Uber’s treatment of drivers, and the company’s unwillingness to provide sufficient liability coverage to protect drivers and their customers.

“According to Uber, we’re partners — but they treat us a little better than slaves,” former Uber driver Yedidta Seifu told KING5 last month.

At Sunday’s event, hosted at the Teamsters building in Tukwila, Wash., members of the Western Washington Taxi Cab Operators Association (WWTCOA) — which sued Uber back in March for ‘unlawful and deceptive business practice’ — will be on hand to offer insight into running an organization.

Teamsters rep Paul Zilly told us that drivers from Uber, Lyft and Sidecar are welcome to join the association, which will have a similar model to that of the WWTCOA. Members will vote on Sunday to approve by-laws and elect a leadership council.

Meanwhile in Seattle, Mayor Ed Murray may issue a cease-and-desist letter to UberX, Lyft and Sidecar if an agreement cannot be reached between representatives from the San Francisco-based startups, taxi companies and City officials to create a set of laws for the new startups.

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  • Larry Best

    Interested to see how this turns out.

    We are talking about this and other matters at the Uber Drivers Forum

    Anyone is welcome.

    • Ramzi Rayan

      If you are an Uber driver join us at http://www.facebook.com/uberxdrivers . We are group from San Francisco and please let everyone know about our page . Thank you

      • gull jan

        you people need to pass on flyers to all the drivers.plus post flyer on walls .and give it to passengers. don,t be slow keep going now or never

    • ClaimsAdjuster

      These are Uber sponsored web sites. A way for management to get rid of their troublemakers.

  • Myles H

    I’ve used both Uber and Lyft and I prefer Lyft. The drivers are nice and don’t just seem like a taxi driver. They always insist that I sit up front and blast my music haha

    And if you haven’t tried it out yet, download the app and enter code “FREE20” for $25 credit :) Basically a free ride. The code doesn’t expire and I’m almost certain that it’s valid in any city that Lyft is available.

  • Sharmarke Danjire

    Airports should concern public safety and cite illegal pick ups. My concern is that San Diego Lindbergh Airport have been citing uber/Uberx drivers who have obtained TCP license from the CPUC and have Airport permits. Uber/lyft companies have created jobs for a lot people who wants to start their own business and contribute to the economy. The recession hurt many families and people can’t find jobs. Please let’s welcome people who wants to work to contribute to the economy and not penalize them.

    • ClaimsAdjuster

      Muzzafar Syed had a TCP license when he ran over the Liu family in San Francisco on New Year’s eve. The ICPUC (Incompetent California Utilities Commission) not only allowed an insurance gap that let Uber deny the claim but also permitted Muzzafar to just carry personal insurance which is invalid for a taxi business. The ICPUC is still allowing the insurance fraud to continue.

      It sounds like Lindbergh airport understands that your TNC vehicle is not properly insured. Good for them.

      • Sharmarke Danjire

        Your ignorance have proven to me that you have no knowledge about CPUC. each applicant must have prove of commercial insurance before obtaining PUC permit which is called TCP. Your information is bias, find facts before you make fool out your self.

        • ClaimsAdjuster

          Since you are such an informed guy explain the controversy surrounding the Liu claim if Muzzafar had commercial insurance on his TNC vehicle,

          No, you did not buy commercial insurance for your car. That would cost you at least $6,500 per year. As the California Insurance Commissioner noted in his recommendations to the CPUC in April:

          Finding 1: Drivers existing personal automobile insurance does not cover TNC-related driving and auto insurers are not planning to offer coverage of this risk in the near future if ever.”

          • Sharmarke Danjire

            No one should carry their personal insurance to operate transportation service. Muzzafar is said to have TCP he should have carried commercial insurance period. If his TCP is registered with the CPUC and didn’t have commercial insurance with him, his TCP is most likely suspended. The public can check if the TCP is active through the CPUC transportation carrier look up website.

          • ClaimsAdjuster

            We agree that no one should carry personal onsurance to operate a transportation service. But that is what most UberX and Lyft vehicles do.


  • Guest

    We are unmoved. Should TNC workers want to leave their jobs, they are free to do so. They are not slaves. Men who want the better pay, better treatment, and better customers that TNCs attract will take their place.

    • ClaimsAdjuster

      These TNC drivers, who have real world experience about how Uber mistreats their drivers, are unmoved by the gratuitious advice of an Uber-troll.

  • gull jan

    call it uber shits

  • gull jan

    also so fine (uber slave drivers) in search on facebook

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