titanfall21Titanfall is having a “Titanfail” moment right now.

Servers for the popular online-only sci-fi shooter that debuted on March 11 exclusively on the Xbox One and PC have been down for the past few hours, as noted by both Microsoft and the Titanfall Facebook page.

“We’re aware that users may be experiencing server connectivity issues on PC and Xbox One,” reads a post on the Facebook page. “We’re working directly with Microsoft to resolve the issue and appreciate your patience.”

On the Xbox Live Status page, it looks like Titanfall isn’t the only game with problems. There are a bevy of other affected services right now, including game videos and accessing data stored in the cloud.

Gamers don’t appear to be happy right now:


Xbox Live server issues affected Titanfall players earlier this month, though Microsoft denied that it had anything to do with the game itself.

Titanfall is taking the unusual approach of relying on Microsoft’s Azure cloud services, which up until now has mainly been hosting business applications. On launch day, Titanfall gamers were complaining of server issues but Titanfall’s developer, Respawn Entertainment, moved quickly to release a software patch that appeared to take care most of the connection issues.

The game is already helping spur Xbox One sales in Europe, and Microsoft created a special discounted bundle specifically for Titanfall. Its launch on the Xbox 360 was recently delayed an additional two weeks, until April 8 in North America and April 11 in Europe.

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  • Getoverit

    Are you serious? Titanfail? This is Microsoft’s fault.. THEIR servers are down, not even on Titanfall to fix that. This game is amazing and there is ONE incident… That isn’t even really on Respawn and everyone gets all butthurt at the game? Put your big-boy pants on and suck it up. Microsoft will get it fixed and you’ll have your Titanfall back.

    • balls187

      Respawn could have allowed dedicated servers…


    • Pheon

      The article doesnt even mention Respawn. GIven that the game is called Titanfall and the story is you can’t play it at the moment, I’d say ‘Titanfail’ is a completely appropriate pun.

    • caspian

      Getoverit, you need to educate yourself before throwing insults at people. They chose to have Titanfall be online only. As a result they need to have a working product.

      The article fails to mention just how often this happens. The last time was last Thursday. The 2nd time in half a week. This game does not work frequently.

    • ed

      Both of their fault. Servers going down should have been in mind when creating the game. Maybe a single player campaign so when this happens you have something to play wouldn’t have been such a bad idea?

  • Frank W Marrazzo

    If you have a ati crossfire system you must turn off the crossfire same for high end sli or the game okay will tear and it will even display code in the background. I emailed the devolper and they said

    XboxLive has an outage right now, it has nothing to do with us. If you are disappointed, you can contact Microsoft support at support.xbox.com


    When I asked when they were going to fix the video no answer so they launched a beta they we all paid for. Really no crossdire or sli in 2014 really.

    • balls187

      Did you play the PC versions of MW? Shipping buggy games, and not fixing them is par for the course for these guys.


      I use SLI & play all the time. Im running dual 770s and have no problems. Perhaps its your setup. As for complaints of servers being down a lot, only when they patch or maint the servers – until now – which are posted in advance.

  • lubba

    Journalism fail .

  • choujij

    Don’t worry, you can play the offline mode in the meantime.

    Oh wait…

  • destro276

    Just received the Xbox One Titanfall bundle as a gift TODAY and all was well until… I tried to play! :(

    • joseph

      same here

  • Ryan

    They got your money now lookatcha lol. Xbone owners: I like 720p, I like paying more and getting less, Always online is cool. derp.

    • Jorge Sanchez

      Lol meanwhile on the ps4 … Jeez when are we getting even 1 update or any of the promised functionality… The reason I won’t buy a ps4 is because all of the people who own one are stuck up children and a$$holes. Sony got your money as well and they’re not commending you for praising their brand so who’s the derp? Twiddle your thumbs some more while the rest of us enjoy fast paced titanfall action

      • Ryan

        Better System, Better Design, Developer’s Choice, #1 in Sales, will get Titanfall 2 (with all kinks worked out by then), did I mention more powerful for less money? yeah. you didn’t do the math I guess. peace bitches

        • Jorge Sanchez

          Lmao yet xbox has been getting all of the exclusive third party titles as well as all dlc before the ps4. Yeah keep on waiting for Sony to whipe out xbox live the world’s most popular multi player platform ever. That’s why xbox gets the best games first and will continue to. Microsoft is a software company it’s what they do best…

          • Ryan

            People like you that lower the standards of all gaming by backing a loser. your blind faith in an inferior product and “loyalty” to Microsoft, basically says you are okay with whatever Microsoft does, hence the arrogant show at E3 prior to XB1 launch. Keep supporting bad policy, service and inferior products and be sure to say thank you sir may I have another!

          • Jorge Sanchez

            Nice comeback… Year old news. And Microsoft was going to convert everything so that it was like steam is to pc. But dipshit losers such as yourself with your inferior intellect can’t seem to imagine a world where we continue killing resources for useless disks. There is a way to sell back licenses for games you buy digitally just as you trade your discs in. Product loyalty? Wtf do you think you’ve been doing? Huh dumbass? Preaching Sony is better yet trying to call me out. Go troll somewhere else. Not having to produce disks and packaging would translate into savings for us. The gamers. It was you Sony queers that are holding everything back with your disks are better crap. Disks freaking suck. They get scratched and damaged and then what? You’re out 60 bucks. Digital you can always hit re download if it gets corrupted. And what about last Gen? The ps3 was so hard to program for it kept everything held up for ever. Why would you back Sony then? Oh but now that your pathetic little mind thinks Sony is “better” you’re content to troll in the comments.

          • Ryan

            Psycho and stupid I see. go fuck yourself loser :) have fun with your xboner.

          • Jorge Sanchez

            Wow you’re the biggest bitch in the world. Have fun getting Sony nut in your mouth and ass while I enjoy the biggest games. The only good game play station has is uncharted. Have fun with knack

          • Ryan

            fuck you. Infamous bitch.. you wish nuff said. lol.. Ok kid, sorry I got your panties in a bunch… I’m just teasin ya a bit. Xbox One ain’t so bad… I’ll probably get one in the future.. still I think PS4 is better but I like the XB1 too.

          • Jorge Sanchez

            Infamous was ok… It was fun though. And see everything is much better when we’re not fighting over platform but instead enjoy the games :) I actually always buy both so I don’t even know why I was arguing lmao

  • Nelson

    LOL That’s the power of the cloud for ya!

  • JimJimmy

    Ohhh no, I might have to go outside or read a book! What will I do when I can’t get my way 24 hours a day?

  • IMC robot

    Been fine on the PC side here, haven’t had any issues at all, just that I need more practice hah

  • Ryan Kosior

    What did this last? A couple of hours at most? Give me a break.

    • Xtreme Derp


  • BrianAnim

    Didn’t have this issue on pc, and only paid $47

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