T-Mobile CEO John Legere
T-Mobile CEO John Legere

T-Mobile announced today that starting on March 23, customers who are using the company’s Simple Choice plan will get more bang for their buck. Users will get unlimited voice, texting, and 1 GB of 4G data and tethering  for $50 a month. That’s double the amount of data T-Mobile has offered for the same price in the past. In addition, all Simple Choice plan users will get unlimited texting to 122 countries outside the U.S.

That new texting capability led John Legere, T-Mobile’s outspoken CEO, to take to Twitter out of excitement.

As in the past, users who go over their data allowance will still get unlimited 2G data. For an additional $10 every month, users can get 3 GB of data (up from 2.5 GB). For $20, users get 5 GB of data and tethering, and $30 a month gets users unlimited data and 5 GB of tethering. That’s a break from the past for the Bellevue-based carrier, which used to offer unlimited data and 2.5 GB of tethering for an additional $20 a month.

Customers who are already signed up for the cheaper existing unlimited plan will be grandfathered in, though they can also choose to pay more for unlimited data if they want the increased tethering quota. According to T-Mobile’s press release, unlimited data plan users are now using more than 5 GB of data a month on average, which sparked the change.

These changes come after T-Mobile changed its JUMP program last month to require that users pay off half of a phone’s value before being able to trade it in for a new upgrade. In each case, T-Mobile offered a very aggressively-priced program in order to attract new customers, and is now stepping back from the most costly component of that program, while still offering other changes.

For people who aren’t interested in unlimited data, the new changes are a big win. For those folks thinking about changing service over to T-Mobile in order to take advantage of their unlimited data plan, this might cause a bit more pause.

Here’s a chart that shows a breakdown of what T-Mobile is now offering:


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  • SmartphoneNewbie

    SO COOL!! I just signed up for T-mobile’s simple plan and wondered if 500MB wouldn’t be quite enough for my very casual internet use. Now 1GB will definitely do. GO John Legere!

  • anthony vasquez

    Lame, doubling is a nice spin, when it really amounts to reduction in service and an increase in price. If if go from unlimited data to 5gb a month how is that doubling my data? Should call themselves “The Same Old Lame Carrier”.

  • Scooter

    vasquez… seems like you don’t really understand your plan very well. You get unlimited, but get dropped to slower speed when you hit your “limit”.

    • Mike

      He enjoys bending over for Verizon and AT&T too much.

  • Tia

    I am confused about the texting. For example, this says that you can text TO Canada from US at zero charge. Is it also included that you can text WITHIN Canada back to USA or to a Canadian number on this plan?

    • Beth McDonald

      I wonder that too…does it mean WE(USA?) can text Canada and THEY(Canada) can text to us(USA) here?

    • Mike

      From T-Mobile website.

      “T-Mobile is the only US wireless carrier to deliver unlimited international data and texting from 120+ countries and destinations, PLUS we’re now adding international texting from the U.S to virtually anywhere*– all at no extra charge.”

      So the 120+ countries are likely the ones you can text FROM (otherwise mentioning unlimited data in those countries wouldn’t make sense if you have to do it from within the US), and if you in the US they’re saying you can text OUT almost anywhere. http://www.t-mobile.com/simple-choice-international-plans.html

  • HaiHowRu

    There are some obvious benefits to these plan changes: Internation texting, and increased 4g data speeds for the two lowest data plans. Also increased teathering/hotspot data for customers. What people aren’t noticing is how they’ve screwed people over who want true unlimited 4g speed. The (+20/m) plan on t-mobile currently allows unlimited 4g data… existing customers will get to keep this. New customers will be down graded to 5gb max for the same price. They added a “new plan” that cost $10 more for true unlimited 4g data.

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