xboxone2121While some stores are seeing increased interest for the Xbox One following the console’s $100 price drop, a recent survey shows that most Xbox 360 owners are still hesitant to upgrade their systems.

DealNews polled more than 900 of its readers last month and found that only 21 percent say they are more likely to purchase the Xbox One now that there is a cheaper, $399 version without the Kinect. Xbox 360 owners are also a bit weary — 58 percent said they won’t buy the $399 Xbox One, which hits store shelves June 9.

The survey also revealed that 43 percent of Xbox 360 owners have still not bought an Xbox One or Playstation 4, which retails at $399, due to price.

kinect1212“This could mean one of a few different things: A) Users think $399 is still too much for the Xbox One, especially without the Kinect; B) These players have become happier with their 360; Or C) They don’t really know what they want,” wrote DealNews features editor Benjamin Glaser.

It will be interesting to see how much Xbox One sales increase, if at all, after the $100 price cut. The Xbox One still trails the $399 PS4 in worldwide sales, while Sony’s console has held a sales lead in the U.S. for the past four months.

Xbox exec Phil Harrison told OXM last month that lowering console prices and increasing demand will help the Xbox One ecosystem overall. His thinking is that the more gamers there are on Xbox One, the more developers will be enticed to make Xbox One games.

Still, Harrison added that Microsoft remains committed to Kinect “as the premium way to experience the Xbox One vision.” In fact, Xbox head Phil Spencer told CNET that the decision to offer an Xbox One without the Kinect will actually result in more Kinect unit sales in the end. Microsoft plans on selling a standalone Kinect in the future for that purchase the $399 Xbox One.

DealNews also found increasing interest in PC gaming and that 17 percent of respondents have played a single game for at least 20 hours straight — see the full results here.

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  • wsumba

    I haven’t upgraded due a lack of backwards capability. The 360 was on the market so long my games library is large. Very hesitant to re-buy games just for the Xbox One console. Not worth it.

    • 360user

      Can’t you keep both consoles? I’m very happy with my 360 and am not a heavy enough gamer to warrant another $400 device, but if I did buy an Xbox One, I’d keep both…

      • WAGamer

        I kept both. My kids and I still play on the 360 as we have so many games for it but we really enjoy the new games on the One as well.

        • balls187

          What new games?

          • LongJohnDave

            I saw one just the other day. It was on the back of a unicorn, and he had wings too!

    • 2bad

      Exactly! That’s because it’s not really an upgrade without any backwards compatibility. If a console technically identical to the XBox One had an Apple logo on it, nobody would even think about calling it an upgrade. People might as easily switch to Sony’s PS4 without any backwards compatibilities.

    • Paul Stefano

      wsumba, this is EXACTLY why we haven’t bought one either. My wife and I are pretty big gamers, and when we both found out there was no backwards compatibility, we were like “NOPE.” I still have awesome story-driven single player games I haven’t had time to finish like Tomb Raider, Batman Arkham Origins, the Bioshock Infinite DLC…. Why would I shell out money for a new system I wouldn’t have time to play. Plus, with Titanfall, I see their big push is multiplayer, which I hardly ever do.

      Don’t get me wrong, the new bells and whistles look awesome, and I absolutely would have bought one ASAP and thrown out my old 360 if I could play my 360 games on it.

      We now have a 10 month old child, our first, and our time to even play games anymore is quickly disappearing. To be honest, without backwards compatibility, I don’t know if I’m even going to buy a new system for a while, be it One or PS4. When Microsoft inevitably pulls the plug on the 360, I think we’ll just go and get a ROKU or a smart TV so we can keep the media streaming features that we enjoy now on the 360.

  • Mk333

    I’m waiting for a slimmer version and 249$ end user price.

    • guest

      You’re going to be waiting for a while.

      • Mk333

        No prob. With its current size, i cant put it in harmony with my ps2, ps3, wii and 360. So no buy for me anyway.

  • KO

    If I could play my old games on it, I would consider it. As it is why would I swap out a perfectly good 360 for a new one? Even a free one.

  • Out For Justice

    Consumers which would adopt at the price have already jumped ship to PS4. The time for this price was at launch. Sony made the right play this time around and Microsoft will pay the price down the road.

    • guest

      Forget down the road, they’re paying NOW:

      These are the Euro VGChartz #’s:

      PS4 Wolfenstein: The New Order 141,5892
      XOne Wolfenstein: The New Order 59,1433
      PC Wolfenstein: The New Order 51,038

      XboxOne is in deep deep trouble in Europe. It may already be unrecoverable.

      • balls187

        RIP: PC Gaming.

        • Mk333

          Not RIP, many of those are choosing to download from torrent sites in order to try the full game before making a purchase. Console sales numbers are including those regretful purchases while PC usually excluding those who thankful that play it fully free. #sarcasm

      • Reality slap

        To bad xbox has never done very well in mainland Europe but does very well in the west which helps it’s worldwide numbers

      • mcf1y

        141,5892?,59,1433?. What number system are you using?,sure isn`t a 21st.Century One.

  • panacheart

    The Xbox One console was designed from the ground up to give you an all
    new experience. The system is entirely new and is generally not
    compatible with the Xbox 360 or original Xbox consoles. This applies to
    all accessories and games.

    No, Microsoft. No. I’m not buying hundreds of dollars to replace games I own. I’ll buy a new version, but I won’t throw out what I have.

    • Paul Stefano

      Thank you

  • balls187

    900 readers of Deal News doesn’t sound like a very representative sample.

    What would be more interesting would be to find out what those 900 readers bought their 360.

    My gunt tells me those same readers didn’t buy the 360 within the first year of it’s life either.

    • Mk333

      Well sir, early adopters are not representative sample either, majority of buyers are not early adopters.

    • pinadam

      I did.

  • GameGeek

    I would buy the One if it had a few decent games! such a poor launch library is killing next gen sales!!!

  • MrK

    should add “D) no backward compatibility”, there is no reason other than financial for the XB1 not to be able to play 360 games

  • Minecraft Greek

    I’m sorry, I just read that 21% more people are now ready to buy an Xbox One, and you just reported it as negative news. Nice. I think MS will see that as a fact they made the right decision.

    Keep in mind that HELLO, the PS4 is the same price so go retake your poll and find out if anyone is planning to buy anything.

    • Mk333

      We need negative news to fuel a price war :)

    • pinadam

      I love minecraft too. That’s my skin on the left. Anyway, sorry to be so geeky but just if you wanted to know, 21% would be 189 people.
      Sorry if you already knew that, and no offence if you thought I offended you.

      • Minecraft Greek

        189 people based on, you know, how many people took the poll.

        But if it realistically reflected 100% of gamers waiting to puchase a console, I would call it a win. That’s all I’m saying. An increase that size would be huge….that is, if you believe polls.

  • BigRedMachine

    The whole thing is that they didn’t really cut the price at all. It’s a marginal deal in that it only really removed a perceived $100 piece of the product and are charging you the balance. You can always buy this package and pick up a kinect on ebay and save $50 or so.

    It’s a nice option for those who couldn’t care less about kinect.

    Bottom line is this thing needs GAMES (not just improved functionality, apps, interface, exc). Not only can I not play 360 games, there are hardly and XB1 games I personally want to buy.

  • pinadam

    I tnaw xobx os !dab ) =

    • pinadam

      Dna s’ti ym …yadhtrib ( =

      • pinadam

        Hint:read the above comments I made backwards.

        • Mk333

          Sorry sir, i’m afraid you can only get a ps4 or wii u. Xb1 is not backward compatible with anything, incl your comments.

          • Minecraft Greek

            Woah, PS4 is backwards compatible! No no, it’s not….yet right…meaning a feature on the horizon? So….no I guess just a Wii U then.

  • vibro

    For me, its about the community of gamers and friends I have acquired over the past 6-7 years. If I move to the One I lose all that since we’ll no longer be able to play together. Throw that on to of having to replace my games and other hardware and it’s not a hard decision

    • Stevert

      Yeah that was reason 3 for me.

  • Stevert

    It’s not about the money. I think both next gen consoles should’ve waited another year. You know it’s bad when removing Kinect gave a performance boost. They need to accept their failure, pull the One and rebuild.

  • Stevert

    It’s not about the money. I wanted to buy one, but it looks shitty like windows 8. Then the performance issues came, this thing is obsolete before it started. You know it’s bad when they gained more power by removing Kinect which came out on the 360. Microsoft failed, suck it up and try again..

  • Dr. King Schultz

    If it played 360 games I would have bought it the first day it came out, even if it cost $700.

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