iphone 5 pressNot sure about you, but I’m typically wary of letting apps on my smartphone track my location. According to a new study, though, turns out I’m in the minority.

Urban Airship, a Portland-based mobile analytics and push messaging startup, analyzed more than 70 apps that ask users to share location and found that 62 percent of people typically allow themselves to be tracked. Meanwhile, 51 percent opt-in to receive push notifications.

In a statement, Urban Airship CEO Scott Kveton said that the assumptions that people don’t want to share their location are “false and massively short-sell mobile’s unique opportunity.”

Urban Airship, which raised a big $25 million funding round in February 2013, noted that companies who use location-targeting with their apps are seeing up to quadruple the response from customers than a non-targeted message.

Notifications that appear on smartphones based on user location seem to be gaining in popularity. Apple’s new iOS 8 software takes advantage of your location to allow for quick access to relevant apps. Smartphone apps can also take advantage of beacons, an off-the-shelf, Bluetooth-enabled device that connects wirelessly to phones. For example, Major League Baseball is deploying Apple’s iBeacon technology at its stadiums to help iPhone owners receive notifications depending on where they are at the ballpark. And just last week, we detailed how Seattle startup Artifact Technologies is using beacons to unlock interactive content for people using their smartphones at a museum exhibit.

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  • SeattleRainMan


    • Taylor Soper

      Thank you, RainMan.

  • Seattle Talent Maven

    I’m still wary too!

  • CherryTraylingrif

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  • Brent Friedman

    As a co-founder of Artifact Technologies (our Mixby mobile platform is mentioned in this article) I myself am actually wary of giving away too much info through my apps. However, when I watch how openly my teenagers interact with the world through their devices I realize that my way of thinking is quickly becoming irrelevant to the march of progress. So, as a business operator, all I can really do is give the people what they want, offer them a choice to share their data and make sure what they do share is being used only to enhance their experience.

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