storrage212So far, so good for Terry Drayton and his new startup.

A container from Storrage
A container from Storrage

Storrage, a personalized delivery service that picks up items and stores them in a warehouse, is growing quickly after debuting this past November. The Seattle-based startup has quadrupled its warehouse space, doubled its customer base, added delivery on Sundays and expanded the number of zip codes serviced.

Drayton, who told us that he wants his company to be the “Uber of storage,” said he’s learned that customers are using the service to support their lifestyles rather than just reducing clutter or becoming more organized.

Drayton found that people are moving rarely-used items out of their houses to maximize their living space and create room to park a car, entertain friends, let college roommates move in or have private Tango lessons, for example.

Terry Drayton
Terry Drayton

“To enable that for customers is a great feeling,” said Drayton, who previously founded and Count Me In.

As a result, Storrage changed its tagline from “out of sight with a peace of mind,” to, “your space is for living.” The company is still fine-tuning the service before it plans to launch a franchise system and expand into more states.

Storrage has raised $1.3 million from Seattle angel investors such as Rudy Gadre, Andy Liu, Serena Glover and others. Check out our earlier story on the company for more details on its pricing and logistical details, or watch this video:


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  • Nathan Kaiser

    I recently met Terry at a UW event. Great guy!

    • riannonqas321

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      working part time off of a laptop. have a peek here B­u­z­z­3­4­.­ℂ­o­m

  • Ali Alami

    Great idea, the pricing seems a bit high if you require many boxes, but I think it’ll do well. I think offering an Uber like service for home owners with extra space to store other people’s items could be viable,

  • Little Leauge
  • davidgeller

    Congrats to Terry. Hope they start servicing the Eastside soon!

  • rickt

    Like ATT says: bigger is better

  • Go Storrage!

    Cool model and I think the service is well time with the right audience in mind. Terry can make this happen.

  • BeCareful

    Guy sounds like a con artist or really really inept executive who has no business running a company. Be careful trusting this guy with your stuff. Might “sloppily” mismanage it.

  • ShameonGeekwire

    Why is Geekwire censoring comments related to Terry Drayton’s previous legal issues and lawsuits with Count Me in?

    • Todd Bishop

      Thanks — appreciate the question, and happy to address this. We love to see GeekWire readers having healthy and critical discussions in the comments, and we only rarely remove comments.

      We removed two comments from this thread not because they referenced the Count Me In situation, or Terry Drayton’s role in it, but because they contained specific phrases that, in our view, violated our terms of use, which covers topics including defamation.

      Hope that helps to explain why those comments were removed. Thanks for reading and taking part in the discussion.

      In case anyone is wondering what the heck we’re talking about, here are the background links that were shared by one of the commenters.

      Todd Bishop
      GeekWire Co-Founder

      • Thomas R.

        Hi Todd,

        Active reader here and this is the first time I believe I’ve seen the Geekwire editorial staff remove comments or censor comments. A little bit surprised.

        I feel like I’ve seen many many comments (not to mention unflattering name-calling) in other articles related to departing execs or failed startups that I believe would meet the legal definition of defamation but were not removed.

        Curious if there was an outside request for moderation and removal of the previous comments in this article?

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