addapptAddappt, a smart address book created by veterans of LinkedIn and Microsoft, rolled out a new version of its iPhone app today and expanded to Android — the latest steps in its attempt to address the age-old challenge of easily keeping contact information up to date.

The app’s flagship feature is the ability for friends to update their information in your address book. Addappt syncs with the smartphone’s native address book, and allows addappt users to connect with one another — automatically updating contact information when it’s changed by the contact, and replicating that information across cloud services and apps connected to the user’s phone.

Addappt’s updated iOS version adds features including the ability to quickly create groups of contacts based on company name, family name, job title and city. Users can then take advantage of addappt’s existing feature for quickly emailing, texting or sending photos to groups of people.

The new Android version promises make the app more useful by bringing more users into the fold.

Addappt’s development team is in the Seattle region, including the company’s CTO and co-founder, software design engineer Jorge Ferreira, a University of Washington alum and 12-year veteran of Microsoft. Another former Microsoftie, Carlos Brito, is the company’s principal developer. Addappt’s CEO and co-founder is Mrinal Desai, a startup veteran (previously co-founder of CrossLoop) who was LinkedIn’s first business development manager.

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  • thalaiva

    this app seems to be a far-inferior copy of 6degrees, the contacts app that lets you update your contact on all your friends’ phones just by updating your own phone. In addition, 6degrees also lets you delete duplicate contacts, broadcast messages to all your contacts, and has a superb people-finder feature where you can find friends and request intros. Addappt seems to be completely featureless in comparison.

  • Mrinal

    Oh Sigh .. thalaiva continues trolling :)

    For the benefit all users with reference to the unfortunate behavior by thalaiva , here is exactly what I wrote on the CNet review of addappt for words such as ‘copy’ etc:
    [Review of addappt on CNet: ]

    – The company he refers to was founded in late 2013. Their app launched this year. The date of availability of their app is publicly available from their site or on all app stores.
    – addappt was founded in 2012. And the app available since June 2012 with a public launch in December, 2012 [geekwire article about addappt’s launch from 2012:

    I wonder who copied whom :)

    Some advice to “@thalaiva1999” – freeeee:

    – please do note that all apps have a ‘Version History’ available on the App Store. Please give some credit to users who can easily see who came first to market and who copied whom :)
    – angry inappropriate language does not speak well about you and far more importantly, your company and how they treat their own users and employees
    – if you wish to get media attention, build something original .. consider a name that “iz” original. Consider marketing copy that is more original
    – your founders hail from a great country like India. Be respectful of that … I am from India too.
    – Think twice before exposing yourself again – Silence is often golden.

    You might want to addappt – you know how ;)

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