It’s January, and that means it’s NFL playoffs time.

It’s also 2014, and that means you’ll be able to watch some of the postseason action for free online thanks to NBC and CBS. But Fox is making things more complicated, which could be bad news for some Seahawks fans.

Variety reports that for the first time, CBS will stream its four AFC playoff games — San Diego at Cincinnati on Saturday; two AFC Divisional playoff games next weekend; the AFC Championship game on Jan. 19 — for free at

Similar to last year, NBC will also live stream its playoff coverage for free here. That means anyone with Internet can watch Saturday’s wild card games — Kansas City at Indianapolis; New Orleans at Philadelphia — online as well.

Fox, meanwhile, is taking a slightly different approach. The cable company will allow Comcast, Cablevision and AT&T U-verse subscribers access to its NFC games online, but everyone else will need to use the tube to watch the game.

nfl-logoThat’s unfortunate news for Seahawks fans who were hoping to watch their team online. Fox will broadcast the hometown Hawks when they play next Saturday, Jan. 11, and again the following weekend if Seattle advances to the NFC Championship.

Fox is, however, streaming the Super Bowl for free on Feb 2. So, if the Hawks make it that far — which I believe they will — you can watch them go for their first championship ever from your computer or smartphone, without needing a cable subscription. CBS did the same last year.

In case you’re wondering, if New Orleans beats Philly on Saturday, they’ll visit Seattle on Jan. 11. If they lose, however, the Hawks will host the winner of the San Francisco vs. Green Bay game.

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  • Bail Bondsman In Orlando

    Seahawks fans always remains cool cause Seahawks is awesome as always

  • steinbroeder

    FYI – Your link to the NBC site actually goes to CBS

    • Taylor Soper

      Just fixed — thanks for catching.

  • LonelyTraveler

    So whats the URL for Fox? I see CBS and NBC links in the article, but no links for Fox?

  • blah

    So people who have Wave Broadband (which services the area of this stadium) are out of luck then.

  • diesel guy

    So let me get this straight. I am a Seahawks fan and I will walk off an airplane in Taipei, Taiwan exactly when the game starts. Can I just log on as a Comcast customer and watch the game live?

    • Taylor Soper

      Yes, you should be able to log in with your Comcast credentials and watch here:

    • busted

      …and there’s pretty good free wi-fi at the Taipei airport gates.

  • herew342

    If you are travelling, every bar and hotel in America will carry it. I recomend You to try on MansCaveFootball

    • ronnald

      excellent place to watch ,

      • annspors



    How to watch NFL Playoffs Live Online, NFL playoff action begins with the New Orleans Saints seeking their first road.

    • Kate Jolie

      You can follow our streaming link. @dhtyhjurcb:disqus

  • JT

    Thanks so much for posting these. I was thrilled to find out CBS is streaming their games (along with Fox streaming the Super Bowl). I had been watching Sunday Night Football on the NBC livestream, so I knew about that. I’ve chosen to go without cable this year (sticking it to the man lol). You’d be surprised how many people (without television) don’t know about the streaming options.

    • Northern_Lights

      Yeah cable and the dish companies cat eat a fat one… I do not understand why the big networks don’t stream their own content… or offer a stream package to people for like a couple bucks a month… cannot wait for Aereo to come available for my state…

  • hawksfan12

    “you can watch them go for their first championship ever”….
    . Seahawks went to the Superbowl in 2005.

    • Taylor Soper

      Hey hawksfan12, yes, I am aware that they went to the Super Bowl in 2005. With “go for their first championship ever,” I mean they will try to win their first championship ever.

  • Out For Justice

    Fox does a poor job of broadcasting their digital signal as well (when receiving it from Redmond). I would prefer to see CBS take over the contract for the Seahawks. I do not like this political posturing on Fox’s part. Besides Fox is always switching away from the action far to often during the game.

  • Don Robbins

    Just took a look at Fox Sports Go on my Ipad and I don’t see the Seahawk game listed in the Saturday Sched. Only has NASCAR. I have been trying to stream hawk games on Fox through my Xfinty acct all season and so far no joy. Sure would like to make it work this weekend. Anybody know if you need a certain pkg with Comcast to get this?

    • GoHawks

      I looked just now and it’s on the schedule now (it wasn’t when I checked a couple days ago). Last week I tried using the Fox Sports go app on ipad to watch the packers-49ers game but it wouldn’t connect. Something saying that my comcast account didn’t have that channel. Some others had the same problem from what I’ve read on some other sites, but I don’t understand why my xfinity subscription wouldn’t be accepted since I’m pretty sure this fox channel would be in any basic cable subscription. Anyone else have this problem? Know of any solutions cause I don’t want to miss this next Seahawks game.

      • Don Robbins

        Received this a couple days ago from an inquiry made to Keep your fingers crossed

        Response (Marc)01/07/2014 07:17 AMHello,

        I’m Marc, part of the FOXSports Customer Support team, and I’ve been reviewing the issue that you contacted us about.

        Since you have an account through one of the participating content providers and you have a laptop that is streaming FOXSports 1 (and FOXSports 2 if that channel is in your cable package) you should have no issue streaming the FOX NFL playoff games next weekend. The games may not be listed yet, but everything we have been told says that you should be good to go to watch the games.

        You will only be able to watch the FOX NFL playoff games on a computer or an iPad, but iPhones will not be able to stream that content.

        Thanks again for visiting

        All the best,
        Marc Customer Support Team

        • GoHawks

          Nice, thanks for the info! Go hawks,

  • J

    I won’t be at home for the Seahawks/Saints game this Saturday. I have sprint for phone service and charter for internet. Doesn’t appear I can watch the game from my phone or laptop, correct? If there’s another way, appreciate hearing about it. Thanks.

    • Northern_Lights

      No, unfortunately you are SOL. Same here, except the digital signal from our local FOX station doesn’t reach our house. And I told cable/dish to eat on.

      Time to watch a stream off the black side of the internet…

  • bestonit

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  • rumbachachaa

    i go to manscavefootball

  • Jay Speed

    Not only Seattle Fans, but NFL FANS get the shaft from FOX (FUX Sports) requiring you to have a cable subscription to view the game. Where is the NFL in all this – it’s their fans getting screwed. Since I can’t watch the game may as well work against the NFL and join the fight to get them to pay TAX – yup, that’s right, the NFL pays $0 in federal taxes. Over $9BIL tax free every year while those of us struggling to pay bills can’t even watch on over the Internet.

  • livestreamtv

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  • Poonam Pandey

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