cortanasiri12Siri vs. Cortana might just be an updated version of the PC vs. Mac showdown.

Microsoft just debuted a new video ad touting Cortana, its virtual assistant found on Windows Phone. The 30-second spot features Cortana accomplishing tasks like scheduling reminders and providing traffic alerts. Meanwhile, Apple’s digital assistant cannot understand the human commands.

“Now that is a smart phone,” Siri says, referencing Cortana’s apparent superior listening skills.

Cortana, currently available as a developer preview, is being rolled out with Windows Phone 8.1 this year. Microsoft is currently debating whether or not to expand Cortana to Android and the iPhone.

This is not the first time Microsoft has used Siri to bash Apple. The company ran an ad last year to show how Windows tablets could perform tasks that the iPad cannot.

Watch the new Cortana vs. Siri ad below:

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  • Guest

    This isn’t fair. It’s comparing Windows Phone 8.1, which was just released, with iPhone 5 series, which was released nearly two years ago and which hasn’t been significantly improved since then.

    Microsoft, please pull this ad. You may reinstate it with iPhone 6 when iPhone 6 is released in September. In the meantime, this is misleading and distateful and customers should not see it.

    • JBishop

      Are you serious? Have you watched any of the Apple Keynotes? It’s nothing but a Microsoft bash-fest complete with skewed data and numbers comparing Apples latest to Microsoft’s last year. Like politics, these ads pander to their base in order to make them feel good about a purchase they’ve already made.

      • Guest

        That’s nice. Pull the ad, please.

        • JBishop

          Okay, I’ll get right on that, fanboi…

          • Guest

            Please ping back with an update by COB Mon.

          • Guest

            Ping! Any update?

    • balls187

      Glad you made a video about it.

      • Guest

        That’s not me, balls! Delete this video.

    • Allen

      Yeah, it’s Microsoft’s fault that Apple hasn’t released a substantial update to the iPhone 5 in two years. But at least it now comes in gold!

  • kayvon

    I know if I were in charge of naming a new “AI”, I’d name it after the one who went crazy, caused a bunch of damage, and ultimately crashed.

    • EEEinator


  • Henry Kale

    Yes, i also recommend too – video commerce is dominating the market and modulates
    has all the advertisers.

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