Levi’s Stadium. Photo via 49ers Facebook page.

The 49ers may have lost the NFC Championship to the Seahawks in January, but their brand new stadium arguably takes the cake over Seattle’s CenturyLink Field — at least from a technology standpoint.

Levi’s Stadium will open its doors in Santa Clara this fall, and from the looks of it, the building is somewhat of a $1.3 billion football palace. That’s particularly true for the tech inside the stadium, which includes 1,000 WiFi access points, 2,500 Sony HDTVs, and two giant HD video boards.

There’s also a slick new in-stadium app, which doubles as a game ticket, allows fans to order food right from their seat, and locates concession stands with the shortest lines.

CenturyLink Field.
CenturyLink Field.

In addition, you’ll also be able to watch instant replays on your mobile device immediately after a play happens on the field.

Of course, that just means 49ers fans can re-watch Richard Sherman shut down Colin Kaepernick, Michael Crabtree and the rest of the San Francisco offense on Nov. 27 when the Hawks pay a visit to their division rivals. Or, they can watch Russell Wilson torch the 49ers defense or Marshawn Lynch run over a few defenders — over, and over, and over again.

And while the 49ers may now have a nicer stadium, money can’t buy noise — specifically the record-breaking, ear-shattering noise that will echo throughout CenturyLink Field on Sunday’s this fall.

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  • SV

    Ouch, so much for your silicon valley audience

  • SNF

    What a moron. I guess nobody told this dummy that Pete Carroll’s Seahawks have yet to beat the Niners outside of Centurylink.

    • REEarl

      A two point win is a two point win.. .but is isn’t a heartbreaking defeat and it could have gone either way.
      Gore’s last run could have been called back for the hold on Richard Sherman.. other calls could have gone either way.
      Thanksgiving will be a good day for some nice late evening football.

      • SNF

        Not intended as a slight against Seattle. The rivalry is great even though Kap took a few games to get up to speed. Just pointing out the fact that the articles title (and content) makes no sense. Seattle hasn’t win in Cali since before Pete took over. If it was an article about a new Centurylink app then it at least makes sense.

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