NetMotion Wireless taps former Clearwire execs as president, CFO

Ryder and Baker

Ryder and Baker

Former Clearwire CEO Erik Prusch appears to be assembling the old band together at NetMotion Wireless.

Six months after joining the Seattle-based mobile productivity company, Prusch has hired Jim Ryder as president and Cary Baker as CFO.

Both men previously worked at Clearwire, which sold to Sprint in July 2013 after a drawn out bidding war.

“It takes a unique combination of expertise, drive and ingenuity to continually achieve results in highly competitive technology markets,” said Prusch in a press release. “As we concentrate on expanding our business, Mr. Ryder and Mr. Baker both deliver outstanding operational experience working with high-growth companies and have proven abilities in rapidly scaling sales and marketing operations.”

NetMotion was acquired in 2012 by Clearlake Capital Group, a private equity firm with $1.4 billion under management. It was started in 2001 as a spin out of WRQ.

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    Clearwire had some smart people but a remarkable lack of success. It never built a money making business, made a number of bad deals and ultimately sold for a fraction of its initial stock price. Big capital loser on all fronts with a long track record of hiring a lot of very expensive people who went on to build bloated staffs Erik is smart and personable but I’d take hiring too many Clearwire people as a negative not a positive.