ps3Have an old PS3 or Xbox 360 sitting around? Microsoft wants to take that off your hands.

The company is offering up to $100 in credit at its Microsoft Store locations for people who bring in a fully-functional PS3, Xbox 360 E or Xbox 360 S, and use it on the purchase of a new Xbox One.

If that number sounds familiar, it’s because that’s the exact difference in price between the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. Because Microsoft bundled the Kinect with its console, potential buyers have to throw down an extra Benjamin if they want to pick up an Xbox One. It looks like Microsoft is trying to level the playing field for budget-conscious gamers who are looking to trade up from their old console, whether it’s a PS3 or 360.

It’s a key move for the Xbox One, which is currently trailing in total sales of the PS4, though Microsoft says that its sales are growing faster than Sony’s.

According to the offer, Microsoft Store employees can offer less for a console if it’s not up to par, and users will only get the full $100 in credit if they turn around and buy a new Xbox One.

Long-time owners of the Xbox 360 are left out in the cold, though. Even if a console from the 360’s early days managed to survive the Red Ring of Death, it won’t be eligible for a trade-in. Microsoft is only accepting the newest two revisions of the 360. Still, in its attempt to compete with Sony, the company will take any old PS3, so long as it works.

Users also might not want to trade in their old console, since the Xbox One isn’t backwards-compatible with game discs from the 360. It is possible, however, to play Xbox 360 games while getting all the advantages of owning an Xbox One by plugging the older console into the newer console’s “TV In” port.

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  • Ooh kill em

    It tells you to trade your old xbox in then says that you need it to play xbox 360 game on the xbox one. Which is irellavent to what they are talking about.

  • Out For Justice

    Give MSFT my superior PS3 for a lousy Xbox One? I think not! PS3 has an incredible and incredibly growing game library and will not leave you will a red ring of death… …plus you don’t have to pay MSFT monthly for the “privilege” of watching Netflix and Prime on a console.

  • Eric Peters

    What the heck is a Xbox 360 E or Xbox 360 S

  • Edward McBragg

    How will I play my HD-DVD disks if I get rid of my old Xbox? Besides, the last thing I want is some all-seeing Kinect eye staring at me all the time. You know the NSA has tapped into that already.

  • Jeremy

    “It is possible, however, to play Xbox 360 games while getting all the advantages of owning an Xbox One by plugging the older console into the newer console’s “TV In” port.”

    This is kind of stupid. How do you get the advantages of owning an XBOX ONE if you don’t actually plug cable into the TV In port?

    You can just keep your Xbox 360 plugged into another HDMI port. There’s no advantage to plugging it into the ONE. Your article is a gimmick, based on its headline.

  • Annoyed person

    I have just tried this with my 360 and the screen is so small its not even worth trying to play it i would much rather plug my 360 in the spare hdmi port on the tv than do it your way!! And as for traiding in my 360 i have a stack of 360 games that i wouldnt be able to play unless there going to give me the money for the games aswell they can sod off!!!!

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