The support for Seattle’s professional football team has been buzzing in the Emerald City this week as the Seahawks prepare for Sunday’s big Super Bowl.

Boeing’s newly-designed 747-8 flew in a 12 pattern across Washington state.

Two companies in particular showed their 12th Man passion in some pretty awesome ways. Boeing wowed fans by unveiling a Seahawks-themed 747-8 Freighter and then one-upped that by flying in a 12 pattern around Washington one day later.

Then, on Friday, 7,000 Microsoft employees gathered at the company’s Redmond campus to form a massive 12 that looked epic from above:


Other Seattle-based companies like Expedia and ExtraHop came up with some creative ways to show their Seahawks spirit, but Microsoft and Boeing really stepped up their games.

Which stunt impressed you more? Which company has more Seahawks passion? Vote now:


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  • Erik Petersen

    I loved them all and refusing to vote because all participants including all the mom & pop shops like the 10 person machine shop in Monroe submitting their #TGIBF support means just as much as the great show of support from Boeing, Microsoft, Expedia, Amazon, etc. employees and fans

  • myOpinion

    I think Microsoft shows the true fan spirit – 7000 employees participating !
    Although the Boeing airplane is very cool – all it shows is a massive support of $$ – not of people and their time.

  • Lawrence Lam


  • Lawrence Beck

    How much of the Boeing union benefit givebacks went to pay for the plane stunt?

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