I’m down in Las Vegas for CES, but for the past couple days I’ve been doing remote technical support for my family back home, who have been getting an unexplained BitLocker error when trying to use our Surface 2 tablet.

I’ll admit that Microsoft’s name has been used in vain more than a few times as I was forced, over the phone, to recite the incredibly long key required to unlock the device and get it out of BitLocker mode. I can only imagine what it was like for other users who probably had no idea what this “BitLocker” thing actually was.

Well, it wasn’t just us having the problem. As reported today by ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, the company has released an update that should fix the problem. Get the details from this Microsoft support page. Microsoft says the bug affected the Surface 2 (running Windows RT) but not the Surface Pro 2.

I, for one, will be crossing my fingers that it actually works.

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  • SilverSee

    An annoying bug for sure, though it is a huge benefit that if your tablet is lost or stolen, nobody can get to your personal information, even if they extract the SSD from the device. Good to see Microsoft get a fix out.

    More background on the issue here:

    FYI, your BitLocker key is automatically saved to SkyDrive and accessible from any trusted device.

  • Out For Justice

    Surface OS == buggy and bloated…

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