Contest winners will have their faces streamed onto the Old Trafford field during the March 16 match between Manchester United and Liverpool.

Manchester United is giving away free tickets to its upcoming match against Liverpool, although not in the way we’re used to.

The soccer — er, football — club is putting on a unique campaign with Google+ called Front Row. Fans around the world will have a chance to attend the March 16 match at Old Trafford — well, kind of.

A select group of United supporters will have their faces streamed live via Google+ Hangouts onto the pitchside hoardings just off the field. To win the contest, Man U. fans have to share a picture showing their support for the team on Google+ with the hashtag “#MUFrontRow.”

This is a pretty unique experiment that blends the physical sports world with the Internet and seems perfect for a huge global brand like Manchester United. It’s also another example of teams using technology to bring their fans closer to the action.

I do wonder how Google+ and the team will make sure each streaming connection is smooth and that the fans don’t do anything crazy — like moon their camera, for example — so this will be interesting to watch play out.

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  • frederigoxcz305

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  • Paul Uhlir

    This would be brilliant – if it was an Arsenal match (you know what I’m saying John Cook!)

  • Kimberley

    If by Reds, they meant Liverpool fans, even better. ARSEnal (another set of reds fans) would simply ruin the whole thing.

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