World Cup. Photo via Shutterstock
Join the fun in the GeekWire World Cup Challenge. Photos via Shutterstock.

Do you have World Cup fever?

soccer-flags-worldupshutterstock_188527556We do! And now you can join the greatest four-week spectacle in sports as a participant in GeekWire’s World Cup Challenge, a fun competition in which you’ll get the chance to pick who will hoist the “Copa Mundial” in Rio de Janeiro on July 13.

The World Cup pits the 32 best teams on the planet against one another, an intense and colorful competition that happens every four years.

Here’s how the GeekWire World Cup Challenge will work. Just go to, and pick the teams you think will win each of the eight groups.

You’ll earn bonus points for picking underdogs, so now is your time to choose the “Socceroos” of Australia or the “Super Eagles” of Nigeria.

My picks. Click image to join the fun!

A Twitter account is needed to sign up, and you’ll need to follow @GeekWire in order to win the top prize, an Amazon Fire TV. Even cooler, you can invite friends to play and track their picks within the game. (What the heck: GeekWire’s Taylor Soper has Japan winning Group C, and Todd Bishop has Iran emerging in Group F!)

Once the group stage is completed, return to GeekWire on June 26 to fill out your knockout round bracket, earning more points in the super competitive single elimination games.

We’ll crown the winner on July 13th, lavishing praise and prizes on the person who accumulates the most points.

A big thanks to Jerry Zhou and the team at Screensmudge for working on this fun game with us. May the best soccer geek win!

Sign up to play here.

Do you love soccer? Are you a geek? Join us on August 20th for GeekWire Sounders Day as we’ll take over the rooftop deck of EMC/Isilon for the best tailgate party in Seattle prior to the Sounders-Earthquakes match. 

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  • Seedorf in Oranje

    Wow, look at that, I think FIFA used this soccer ball (real classic) like 25 years ago, and look at the totally outdated Brazilian outfit, is this vintage or what, I like it. LOL

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