googleolympicsGoogle is taking a stance against Russia’s anti-gay laws.

With the Winter Olympics set to begin tonight in Sochi, Google just debuted a new “Doodle,” that appears to defend the company’s views for gay rights.

The Doodle features a rainbow-themed collage of athletes and a quote from Principle 4 in the Olympic Charter:

The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practising sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.

LGBT rights have been a highly-debated topic leading up to the Games after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an anti-gay propaganda law this past July.

In case you were wondering, Google Russia also has the same homepage:


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  • wwbaker3

    Would Google be as harsh against the last 2 US host cities (SLC, ATL)? Both cities are in states w/ same-sex marriage/union ban. Speaking of which US keeps letting kids and innocent people die at the hands of gun owners. Where’s the outrage?

    • malcmilli

      although the same sex marriage ban is wrong, that isnt nearly as bad as some of the discrimination that goes on in Russia. Its not uncommon for companies/man in general to make a stand for the “larger issues” and not say much about the “smaller ones.”

    • balls187

      Logic fail.

  • Vitor

    Good initiative Google!

  • peacenick

    I see a PEACE flag!
    Gays hijacked those colors but they don’t belong to them. I don’t have anything against Gays, but those colors have been the colors for peace for decades.

    • peaceout

      Then maybe you should look a little closer before spouting off!

      Allow me to quote wikipedia: “The seven-color peace flag is not to be confused with the similar six-color gay pride flag, which does not have turquoise and has red at the top instead of the bottom.”

      • dave

        even if you did think it was a peace flag peacenick isn’t that still relevant to the situation?

      • yippie

        I guess if people in the US have to read about it in a blog and look it up in wikipedia to figure out what google’s oblique ‘protest’ is then 100 rubles says it’s completely lost on anybody in Russia.

  • Snapper6

    It doesn’t happen very often but this time Russia has it right. It’s not googles country.

    • do

      haha you’re clearly a faggot snapper.

    • malcmilli

      So “if” there was a country that openly hated and disrespected all women and said women would be jailed if anyone in that country even suspected them of being a woman. Google would be wrong for making a banner and raising a fist in solidarity saying they support women?

      • KEB

        so you are saying men should be fucking other men? it is fucking sick . go russia!!!

        • malcmilli

          i think drinking pickle juice is sick and utterly disgusting. That doesn’t mean i’d support the mistreatment and imprisoning of good people just because they like to drink pickle juice.

  • Jason Radach

    Kudos to Google!

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