Arne Josefsberg

GoDaddy has hired 26-year Microsoft data center and cloud computing veteran Arne Josefsberg as its new chief infrastructure officer and chief information officer — a key position for the domain company as it expands internationally, hones its engineering prowess and beefs up its cloud services for small businesses.

Josefsberg played a key role in establishing and developing Microsoft’s data center and cloud infrastructure, dating back to the original MSN team and continuing up through the creation of the Redmond company’s Office 365 online service.

He left Microsoft two years ago and has been working most recently as chief technology officer at enterprise cloud IT company ServiceNow.

Josefsberg started at GoDaddy last week, and he’ll be splitting his time between GoDaddy headquarters in Scottsdale, Ariz., and the company’s new engineering office in Kirkland, Wash. In the new role he is working with fellow Microsoft vets including Elissa Murphy, GoDaddy’s chief technology officer; and Blake Irving, the GoDaddy chief executive.

GoDaddy has hired engineers and other technical talent from companies including Microsoft, Cisco, Google, Yahoo, eBay and AT&T over the past year, since Irving came on board as chief executive.

He will be drawing heavily on his experience as he works to build a highly scalable, highly available and secure cloud infrastructure for the company. GoDaddy currently has its own centralized data center in addition to a presence in co-location facilities. A big part of Josefsberg’s role will be helping the company in its strategy to expand into international markets.

“Our vision here is to really become not only a market leader but also a technology leader,” Josefsberg said in an interview today, when asked about his decision to take the GoDaddy job. “We’re going to build a global, very large, scalable infrastructure.”

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  • Service-now

    Arne is an arrogant and rude person with alot of sense of humour. I have worked with him and he treats people like robots and expect them to do long hours at work. Personally, he does not have a family so he would like you to work 18 hours a day (yes he will call you in a middle of a night and expect you to answer his questions). Service-now success was due to frank slootman’s strategy and I believe godaddy is going to turn into a go-nanny story after getting this idiot on board

    • ServiceNow

      I’ve only had the opposite experience of what you describe or Arne. Sounds like you’re letting one bad experience publicly ‘roast’ him on what’s supposed to be an article of a great move on his part.

  • Jeff Frick

    Congrats to Arne, theCUBE Alumni.

    Here is Arne’s theCUBE Interview from ServiceNow Knowledge13

    Here is Aren’s theCUBE Interview from VMWorld 2013

  • Jeff Frick

    Here is Aren’s theCUBE Interview from VMWorld 2013

    • servicenow

      Arne Josefsberg is a bigot who cares less and is being inhumane to people. He thinks people are robots and his sick mentality is to treat them as his slaves. He is a sick minded fellow who knows how to make money through raising his voice and sometimes shouting at others, if you are working under him, you have to lick his ideas and say yes to him. He moves out from microsoft and then servicenow for the same reason that at one point of time, his seniors had enough of him. I have sympathy with the employees of GoDaddy who are working under him. In reality he does even deserve a job as a janitor. There are good examples in this world such as Richard Brandson and others. He is the worst examples of CTO

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