consolewarsIt’s an all-Nintendo battle to determine the greatest console of all time.

We’re down to our final two devices in Geek Madness: Console Wars and the championship will pit two of Nintendo’s all-time classic consoles against each other: the Nintendo 64 and the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

The NES narrowly squeaked past its successor, the Super NES, in the Final Four. Meanwhile, the N-64 crushed the Xbox 360 to advance to today’s championship.

This will be a fantastic match — the NES is the best-selling console of all time, but the N64 has beaten the likes of PlayStation, GameCube and the 360 to make it all the way here.

You can vote for your favorite below. A big thanks to Geek Madness: Console Wars sponsor Nytec for helping to make this feature possible.



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  • Soap Box Rocket

    The outcome of this seems to peg the average age of your readers doesn’t it?

    • DecoyOctorok

      It really does. It also largely depends on nostalgia goggles. Were games like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda groundbreaking? Absolutely. But their successors have improved on the game mechanics established by the originals in every possible way.

  • yup

    I agree completely. This console playoff really was determined by nostalgia and not a huge alteration to the graphics, and overall entertainment value of a machine.

    • Soap Box Rocket

      But to be fair to the N64, it was the first major console to introduce 4 controllers. True, the NES did have a add-on to allow you to play with 4 controllers, but the N64 had it built in.

      Edit: For openness, I voted NES; my first and still favorite system.

      • DecoyOctorok

        Personally, I’ve always thought the GameCube was the overall better console than the N64. I know I’m in the minority on that but in my opinion the GC offered a better overall library that had more variety. Plus, Wind Waker>Ocarina

  • 14anos solta hadouken


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