consolewarsIt started with 24 epic gaming machines and just like that, we’re down to the final four contenders in Geek Madness: Console Wars.

It’s Final Four time in our quest to find the greatest console ever, and the highly-anticipated semifinal matches pit some of the most popular devices against one another.

First, though, let’s quickly recap the Elite Eight round:

Super NES — 57%; GameBoy — 43%

NES — 73%; Atari 2600 — 27%

Nintendo 64 — 52%; PlayStation — 48%

Xbox 360 — 66%; PlayStation 2 — 34%

And now to the Final Four. A big thanks to Geek Madness: Console Wars sponsor Nytec for helping to make this feature possible.

You can vote for your favorite consoles below:


Super NES vs. NES

It’s an all Nintendo final for the “Old-School,” side of the bracket, with two of Nintendo’s most iconic and successful consoles going at it for a spot in the championship. The NES is the best-selling console of all time, but the Super NES faced tougher competition yet still enjoyed similar commercial success.

Nintendo 64 vs. Xbox 360

Love this matchup to decide the “Modern Gen,” champ. The Nintendo 64 revolutionized the console industry, but the Xbox 360 introduced a new way to distribute digital media and compete online with Xbox Live.


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  • Darklurkr23

    A Wii is better then a PS3? What world were these people voting in


      Umm, I don’t know how ignorant you are, but I had more fond memories with the Wii than my PS3 as a kid. I’m really glad my parents sold it for my Wii since I see myself using my Wii more..Also, I’m certain NIntendo will always win the console wars is because they always bring people together. Playstations and Xboxes are dehumanizing us as people, turning us more into introverts and trolls. Think about it: Super Mario, Nintendo land, the like are made for multiple people collaborating whilst The Last of Us is one player and most FPS games and FIFA make people go apeshit.

      • BIG Franky

        you know….. I cant really argue with this… and I have a PS3 and a PS4…. (full disclosure I also have a Wii U)…

      • Darklurkr23

        Wii and Wii U are an insult to Gaming. It has nothing to play and what is on it all crap like Cooking Mama and Jimmy’s Jamboree Carnival Bonanza or some junk. The controllers are the biggest jokes of the last 10 years. It’s friend system is horrible. The only good games are on the virtual console and if you want to play that just download them for free using an emulator on your pc. Their main selling points are Mario and Zelda which has already came out 20 times before. The only reason they’ve sold is because kids don’t know any better and it’s the cheapest so that’s why the parents buy. And those parents have memories of the beasts that were SNES and NES .

        • as140

          I don´t understand that. The main audience of the Wii and Wii U besides “kids” are people who played the games on NES and SNES. Nintendo has still the same style, but Sony and Microsoft began with PS3 and XBox 360 to define games by graphics rather than gameplay. And I´m glad Nintendo doesn`t

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