QGPoPIqReddit user listrophy posed a question yesterday asking: “What’s the largest item you can have shipped from Amazon? Because I think my neighbor just got it.” They linked a picture of a flatbed truck with a massive package bearing Amazon’s iconic logo, complete with the company’s usual packaging tape.

Still, the photo was met with skepticism. Users said it was Photoshopped. And Jerry Seinfeld, in the course of his “Ask Me Anything” Q&A session even called foul on the photo. But Amazon says that it’s the real deal.

The Nissan Versa Note
The Nissan Versa Note

As it turns out, the box contains a new Nissan Versa Note, which was a part of a promotion that began in September of last year, reports Recode.net. Car buyers who went to a special landing page could sign up for a call from a local Nissan dealership to purchase the car, and the first 100 buyers received a $1,000 Amazon gift card along with their purchase. As a part of the deal, some purchasers got their cars delivered in a massive Amazon box, exactly as pictured.

It’s not clear exactly how the car gets out of the box once it’s delivered, though.

Still, now that Amazon has shown that building a box of that size is possible, what else do you think they could stuff in there? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE: Amazon spokesperson Kristin Schaefer Mariani offered this statement, when asked if the box was real:

“Yes, it is real.  The box contains a Nissan Versa Note (and no, Amazon is not selling or delivering cars).  The delivery is part of an marketing program we did with Nissan late last year.   The program included a custom Versa Note product page – similar to Amazon’s standard product detail pages –that directed potential buyers to local retailers for the completion of purchase.  Additionally, Nissan gave $1,000 Amazon.com Gift Cards to customers who purchased the car, and is also making select home deliveries – which is the box you see.  It is Nissan delivering a 2014 Versa Note to one of those customers.”

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  • ModestPrude

    given how they always box things in boxes way too big for them (like ordering 3 x 5 note cards and getting then in an 11 x 17 box, just as a sizing example, not that I ever ordered/got that), my guess was going to be that it was a cell phone in the big box! :-)

  • Janetfis

    I hope they have a Prime account, cause the shipping on that box would be ridiculous! LOL

  • Jim Masterson

    Not news.

  • pandemon

    Well this was real anticlimactic.

  • Someone

    You used to be able to buy cars online from cars.com – we bought our Honda Civic that way. No haggling with a salesperson. We chose what features we liked and the car was delivered to our home. The person who delivered the car even explained the features to us, like a salesperson would but without the pressure of making us pay more. This pissed off a lot of dealerships and cars.com was no longer allowed to sell the cars online. Cars.com became a portal for dealerships instead. It’s a shame because it was the most pleasant experience we’ve ever had buying a car.

  • GeekyG

    Would be SO great if Amazon could deliver house kits (kind of like sears did eons ago)…if not houses maybe small cottages. SIPs of pre-fab would be ideal!

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