The newly redesigned News Feed.

Facebook users will see a new look rolling out to their News Feed over the course of the coming weeks.

The company announced today that it has finally settled on a new look for its user interface, after beginning the process almost a year ago. The new look doesn’t show much change from the News Feed users are familiar with today, though it places a greater emphasis on larger images, and many of the user interface elements have expanded. While the previous redesign aimed to unify both the company’s mobile and desktop websites, Facebook said that its mobile web experience won’t change.

Facebook's old News Feed.
Facebook’s current News Feed.

The new look won’t bring any changes to the way Facebook delivers content to users, and advertisers won’t be asked to prepare new images or content for their ads. That level of consistency is key, rather than sending advertisers scrambling to get ready for a new and different set of ads.

Last year’s proposed redesign got mixed reviews from users, who liked certain elements, but said that they had a harder time getting around the site. At a time when Facebook is trying to keep user engagement high to drive ad revenue, users feeling less comfortable with the site is bad news.

Given users’ response to most changes Facebook makes to its user interface, this update is sure to cause some amount of consternation. But it feels more incremental than radical, which seems like a sign of Facebook’s maturity, as well as its position in the market. The social network can’t afford to shoot first and ask questions later with broad changes to its user interface in the same way it was able to in years past, since plenty of competitors like Twitter and Google+ are waiting to capitalize on the company’s stumbles.

Still, Facebook is looking to create new experiences outside of its main brand. Earlier this year, the company released Paper, a new app for iPhone users that puts an interesting spin on the way that people can view content from the social network. It’s the first of several mobile-first applications from Facebook’s Creative Labs division that is designed to create a new experience for using Facebook.

What do you think of the new News Feed? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Guest

    An unfiltered, complete news feed of all the things my friends do. In addition, an API so that Facebook can live beside all my other news feeds. I am prepared to spend upwards of $10 U.S. for such a premium service.

    FaceCompl, gentlemen. Don’t filter my friends.

  • vtx1300_rider

    I am still waiting for the “edit” button to appear on my LookBack movie :/

  • venkat

    new UI Changes are worst compared to Old Look

  • Mireia

    The new UI looks like an step back in design…

  • Curter

    seems like using mobile/tab version of FB on PC… Duh… Everything is narrowed down…

  • Geenius_at_Wrok

    I’ll tell you exactly what I think of the new Facebook news feed design: It makes reading Facebook painful.

    All of a sudden, pictures are huge, only two or three status updates fit on a single screen, and you have to scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll to read just the last few hours of updates. That is, if Facebook hasn’t switched you back to “Top Stories” from “Most Recent” against your will, which it seems to do daily now.) It’s a pain in the ass and murder on my eyes, which are wearing themselves out searching frantically for the words wedged into the cracks between the giant pictures. Facebook has made a lot of obnoxious changes in the past, many of which made me want to quit using the site in protest. This one isn’t going to make me quit using Facebook in protest — it’s going to make me quit using it simply because I can no longer stand to use it for more than about 45 seconds at a time.

  • goobers8

    I hate the new font. It’s ugly and stodgy. It feels like a prison ew

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