cultureWhether you’re at a 3-person startup or a large company, it’s been proven time and time again that having a healthy culture is a pillar of business success.

Great culture is a whole lot more than having free soda and a ping pong table. It’s figuring out how to make sure your employees are happy coming into the office each day, and that they’re motivated to do good work.

For company leaders who may be struggling to figure out why their people aren’t happy, TINYhr just released a handy guide for creating an effective employee survey. The Seattle startup, founded by veteran entrepreneur David Niu back in 2012, has more than 300 customers using its TINYpulse product that gives CEOs, HR managers and other leaders a pulse on how happy, burnt out and frustrated their employees are.

Results from a 2013 TINYpulse study show that employees put a lot of value on how much they like their fellow colleagues .

Niu said his clients almost always ask for advice when polling their employees. What questions should I ask? How frequently should I send them? What do I do with all the feedback?

After hearing the same questions over and over again, while also in the meantime collecting data points from thousands of employees around the world using TINYpulse, the startup decided to put together a guide that walks through the best ways to survey your workers — and what to do once you have all the input.

There are 20 chapters, including: “Why your employees surveys should be anonymous,” and, “The three most important employee survey questions,” and, “How to prioritize your survey feedback action plan.”

Here’s an excerpt from the chapter titled, “Share employee feedback to build trust”:

Leaders who follow this process regularly may find it challenging at first, but will see changes rather quickly. Like changing eating habits or exercise, doing something new feels like a burden at first. But increasing collaboration, transparency, and communication in a regular, visible way transforms company culture.

There are also tips for companies that want advice in surveying not just their employees, but business clients, too. Check out the full guide here.

Advanced Guide Employee Survey Infographic

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  • gladyswray

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  • Matt Heinz

    Love TinyPulse. We’ve been using it for months and it’s been great for capturing feedback big and small that otherwise might slip through the cracks.

    • David Niu

      Thanks Matt for the kind words. We are humbled to work with leaders like you who care so much about your team’s happiness and long-term success.

    • Mike

      I spent years doing similar surveys for a Fortune 500 company and uncovered one huge flaw with all of this; over 90% of the employees do NOT believe the surveys are ‘anonymous’ and are afraid to share how they truly feel. Time to rethink this 5 step strategy. Sorry.

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