codefellows1212At the start of the year, Seattle-based trade school Code Fellows asked experienced developers to explain how they originally learned to code in an effort to help those interested in the field.

codefellowsNow, a little more than a month later, the school is launching two sets of 4-week evening introductory programming courses for those with limited technical backgrounds.

The first course, Fundamentals of Computer Science & Web Development, will cost $500 and be held twice a week beginning March 3. A set of secondary courses focusing on specific software stacks will be offered in April at $1,500 each.

The idea is to prepare first-time coders for Code Fellows’ eight-week bootcamps, which guarantees that its graduates will earn at least $60,000 within six months after graduating — or they will refund the entire tuition cost.

However, if a student only completes the eight weeks of new introduction courses, that salary guarantee is off the table. To apply for the new courses, head here.


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  • yairsz

    I am attending the iOS Bootcamp school right now, and I gotta say its a great experience. There is a great atmosphere. We are learning the skills we will need at real tech jobs! I recommend this fundamentals course if you’re not familiar with data structures and basic programming concepts like variable scope.. Enjoy!

  • Joe McGrath

    So why is this better than Udacity?

    • Mike Anderson

      It’s in person in Seattle versus online—so you have access to someone who will be helping you. It’s also personalized so that each student will have a plan at the end.

  • jbkly

    What makes this sound awesome: The coaching to develop a personalized growth plan, plus the fact that it’s in the evenings to allow someone to take this while working full-time.

  • Greg Bulmash

    Worth noting that SeattleJS is doing intro courses for free this year. Not as frequent as these, but not $2k either.

    • Mike Anderson

      From what I can find on their site it looks like those are 1 day workshops more than classes—am I missing something? We also offer free workshops on an assortment of technologies. This is more in depth and designed with an end goal in mind.

      • Greg Bulmash

        I’m not running their classes. I have my hands full running Seattle CoderDojo, a free weekend coding club for kids way too young for your programs.

        They have an evening HTML/CSS basics class this month. Their stated goal is to get people up to a basic proficiency. You can always ping them for more info. Maybe there are some strategic partnerships you can establish with them.

        We’re all just trying to help people make their lives better while contributing to a vibrant local tech scene that supports the local economy and community.

        • Mike Anderson

          Rad, if you’re in South Lake Union ever I’d love to connect.

          • Greg Bulmash

            CoderDojo is in South Lake Union this Saturday and every Saturday in March at Amazon’s Van Vorst bldg. :-)

  • Michael Hazell

    Paying that much money to learn how to code seems too expensive to me. The easiest track I have found is starting something like Python, and after mastering that you work your way up.

    Edit: May I also add that I am self taught using resources available freely on the internet.

    • Greg Bulmash

      People could get fit just by going out and walking, but sometimes without someone else setting the pace and putting some “use it or lose it” money on the line, it’s too easy to keep putting it off.

      That’s why you see free classes 1/3 empty when there was a waiting list to get in, because people have the best of intentions when they decide they’re going to do it, but then the day comes around and they’re too busy or too tired and there’s no penalty for not showing up…

      Different people have different ways of getting and staying motivated.

  • Caroline Green

    This sounds like a good idea but I feel like the cost is a little high, even with the possibility of a refund. I’m currently taking courses from Learn to Program and I believe that online courses are the way to go for those who want to learn effectively and on their own time. I have learned several programming languages already and am taking more advanced courses now. The courses aren’t expensive either (unlike this.) Heres a link to a coupon for a free web development course.

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