xboxone2121If you’ve been waiting for the price of the Xbox One to drop before purchasing Microsoft’s newest console, well, today brings good news.

Best Buy and Wal-Mart are both offering the Xbox One Titanfall bundle and Xbox One standard edition for $450. Titanfall retails for $60 by itself, so technically if you purchase the bundle you’re paying $390 — $10 cheaper than Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Both online stores require you to add the console to your shopping cart before seeing the discounted price. Interestingly, Microsoft lists neither Best Buy or Wal Mart on its “Where To Buy,” page for the Xbox One. Amazon continues to sell the bundle for $499.

The New York Times notes that the deal is also available in physical stores and that Microsoft has not dropped its suggested retail price.

The Xbox One retailed for $500 when it debuted on Nov. 22. The PS4, meanwhile, cost just $400 at launch and has outpaced the Xbox One in sales ever since.

But just last month, Microsoft announced its Titanfall bundle, which includes an Xbox One console, an Xbox One chat headset, one month of Xbox Live Gold and Titanfall itself — all for the same cost as the Xbox One (then $499) by itself. Now, though, Best Buy and Wal-Mart have discounted the bundle, as well as the console itself, by another $50. We’ll see if this helps Microsoft catch up to Sony in the next-generation console race.

Update: Amazon is now offering the same bundle deal. Enter the code “X1AMAZON” at checkout to get $50 off on the Xbox One Titanfall bundle.

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  • balls187

    Requires Xbox Live Gold, another $60.

    • mrstealurgirl

      You get a free month, you guys always find a way to suck dick I swear!

      • balls187

        What happens after the free month?

      • Daniel Abel

        LOL This comment wins the internet today. It’s totally true too.

        • Rodog

          40 dollars on amazon for xbox live psplus 50 atm. Any other retarded questions?

          • DecoyOctorok

            My own personal stance is that I won’t be buying another console from Microsoft until they stop locking entertainment apps behind the XBL Gold paywall and they improve the Games With Gold program to compete with PS Plus. I went with the 360 last time but Sony seems to be offering a better overall value this time around.

  • LTJ Bukem

    Good catch. I forgot about that one. So really it is still $510.
    Sure can go without gold but than can’t play titan fall.

    • Johhny

      XBL gives you a free game every month also.
      Why start fanboy wars on here ?
      Both systems are great.
      I play both..

      • Simon

        PSN gives numerous free games every month.

        • SilverSee

          Yes, but on PSN your right to play those games disappears if you subscription lapses. Games With Gold games are yours to own permanently.

          • LTJ Bukem

            I rather get a free game just out and beat it within the year than have a free XBL gold game 6 years old that I can pick up on ebay for $5. That is just me though. But yes, a valid point. Except that in order to get the games with gold you still need gold……. does it work with the 2 week trials?

          • DecoyOctorok

            Pretty much this. They really need to step it up and offer some more recent games that people want to play. So far the best ones have been Dead Island and Sleeping Dogs.

      • LTJ Bukem

        XBL on XBox one gives you free games? I did not know that

        • Mark Smith

          No, XBL Free Games are not currently available on Xbox One.

      • Daniel Abel

        Actually Xbox gives TWO free games and month and you actually keep them. You don’t just rent while you have the paid subscription like Playstation.

      • DecoyOctorok

        The problem is MS hasn’t said anything about Games With Gold coming to the Xbox One. Sony has been offering PS Plus games on the PS4 right from the start.

    • The user

      Ps4 + ps4 camera+ psn+ 60 dollar game= $620
      Xbox one titanfall edition + xbl = $510
      You can not just forget to add the camera since the xbox one includes it.

    • Rodog

      There is no tax on amazon.

  • KvinlonWeldon

    Xbox One Console Titanfall Bundle Microsoft 6RZ-00022 Free Shipping
    Buy Xbox One Console – Titanfall Bundle Find Microsoft 6RZ-00022. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders.

  • therocketman

    Let me use my 360 controllers, dump the Kinect 2, and bring it down to $299.


    So you are telling me now I can pay the same amount of money for the Xbox as for the PS4 and still get dumbed down versions of games for the same price? And I get charged twice to play a game like Elder Scrolls Online by paying for gold as well as the subscription? Please, help me sign…I’m so blind I can’t see the dotted line!

    • allthesame

      You have to pay for PSplus now if you want to play any online games on the PS4 so why are you all bitching about MS gold. Titanfall is an online only game so if you want to play it on xone or Ps4 you have to pay for a subscription to Psplus or Msg old.

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