boeingairshow1Boeing was being a little too badass this week at the Farnborough Air Show.

Boeing pilots performed a difficult maneuver on Monday, landing its 787-9 Dreamliner jet on a runway before quickly taking off again seconds later during what’s called a touch-and-go. You can watch it here, starting at the 1:10 mark.

But the next day, Air Show authorities said that the move was not safe due to the wing coming too close to the ground as the jet quickly turned while steeply rising back into the air. They’ve banned both Boeing and Airbus from performing the move again this week.

As the Seattle Times reports here, the situation has created a bit of controversy between Airbus and Boeing, fueling their rivalry. Airbus officials say they had been practicing the maneuver and were prepared to show it off this week, and are now disappointed that they can’t do so.

Boeing, on the other hand, suspects that Airbus complained to the Air Show authorities so not to be “shown up.”

Regardless of who is right, Boeing comes away with proof that its 787-9 can perform some gnarly tricks. Check out the move at the 1:10 mark below:

And here’s a Boeing video showing off more of the 787-9’s capabilities in the air:

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  • Matt Holt

    This article makes me hot.

  • Steve

    I suspect these planes behave FAR differently when weighed down with passengers, luggage, and perhaps even seats, which I suspect these stunt versions don’t have.

    • dreamdweeb

      wow what would make you think that weight would alter an aircraft’s flying performance characteristics? are you an aero engineer or perhaps a wizard?

    • joebloggs4president

      You’d be wrong. There are no “stunt versions”. And of course airplanes don’t have the same performance with different wing loading.

  • Guest

    So awesome I could kiss the pilot…

  • clibou

    Farnborough is an Air Show. Keep up tradition. Show off.

  • Patrick Husting

    That’s one big fighter jet!

  • jmniv

    Almost too bad this was shot on such a long lens – it is tough to get an idea of scale or distance (except for those tiny ant-people running around!). Not really an option from that angle/location though, I suppose.

  • kpedraja

    Of course, bad things can happen when aircraft manufacturers try to show off too much. Like this Airbus crash, for example:

    • joebloggs4president

      Pilot error. The crew didn’t leave enough time for the engines to spool up to power.

  • Neil

    Badass my ass. I’m not impressed unless they do a barrel roll – like Tex Johnson did in the 707 ;-)

  • Vermillion

    Can someone explain why this is no hard? Total airplane newb.

    • joebloggs4president

      It isn’t. The touch and go is one of the most basic procedures any pilot learns to do. I think they wet their pants because of the turn after liftoff.

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