cooler12A Portland man is on pace to break a Kickstarter record for the most lucrative crowdfunding campaign ever.

Ryan Grepper has reeled in $3.4 million in just five days for his geeked-out cooler that features a built-in bluetooth speaker, USB charger, blender, cutting board, bottle opener — and of course, it stores cold drinks, too.

Kicktraq predicts that Grepper will raise more than $35 million — he set a funding goal of $50,000 — when his campaign ends in 47 days, which would shatter the $10.2 million that the Pebble Watch raised in 2012. The cooler, which is selling for $185, is already the tenth most-funded Kickstarter project ever.

Grepper, who runs an online training program called Inventors Blueprint, actually fell $22,000 short of raising $125,000 for a similar cooler back in December. The revamped product has more features and a different design, but perhaps Grepper’s timing is just better in the hot summer.

Learn more about the “Coolest Cooler” here:

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  • Typo Police

    The 35 million HAS to be a typo – it surely must be 3.5 million.

  • sofiarconlon

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  • Guest

    I look forward to buying this from SkyMall in 10 years.

  • Jason Rodman

    Be very wary of this project. His schedule is to start building tooling (to make all the parts) in October and ship in January/February. This is 4 or 5 months for a product that is very complicated from a manufacturing sense. In my opinion this schedule doesn’t have even a glimpse of hope.

  • Missing the Point of a Cooler

    I would hope that with all these bells and whistles that this cooler has, it seems to be missing a critical item of letting you know what the temperature inside the cooler is and perhaps even an alarm let you know if it gets above a set threshold.

  • Oswldsapatsy

    Cooling eats a lot of energy–how much of the 18 volts is devoted ? The charge can’t last long.

    • number69

      The battery seems to be for the blender/music/charging, not for cooling. I guess the ice does that like a normal cooler……

  • mrenouf

    “Or you have an iPhone and you want to use it past 2 in the afternoon…”

    ROFL. Nice one!

  • Jason Rodman

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