Seattle-based game company Big Fish said last year that nearly half of its revenue came from mobile, and now it’s betting some of that cash on its first-ever national TV campaign.

Big Fish's launches a national TV campaign to advertise its casino games to women.
Big Fish’s launches a national TV campaign to advertise its casino games to women.

Commercials for game companies are nothing new. We’ve seen the blockbuster console titles, like Call of Duty and Battlefield, compete for massive amounts of airtime. But this one is a different breed: Big Fish is hyping a mobile game — and to females, no less.

The Big Fish commercial leans more toward “Sex in the City” and “Housewives,” than it does a first-person shooter. In the opening scene, four women in cocktail dresses strut into a casino, catching the attention of a man at the bar. They sip martinis and play craps. Unfortunately, reality sets in when a man licking the face of one of the debutantes ends up being a dog sitting next to her on the couch.

bigfishcasino2The fantasy (if you can call it one) is over, and she happily returns to playing Big Fish Casino on her iPad.

Big Fish confirmed the campaign launched Feb. 17 and that it will be airing for 10 weeks during daytime TV, the Olympics and late night news across several markets, including Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, Las Vegas, West Palm Beach, Fla. and Dallas.

The company declined to disclose its budget, but described it as “healthy.” In comparison, Zillow disclosed recently that it would spend $65 million on national advertising this year.

If the TV spot sounds like something you’d enjoy, here’s the best 30 seconds on TV you’ve been missing:

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  • guest

    Good app, not good ad.

    Too bad all of these TV spots for mobile games don’t drive UA. This flirtation with TV for mobile UA will burn itself out in a few months.

  • H.S.


  • Jane Dough

    not so sure about this being a good app… have not DLd it myself (refuse to)… because their FB page is filled with complaints!

    problems abound and, unless you live in the UK, you spend REAL MONEY but cannot WIN real money. why would i ever spend lots of money to win… nothing?

    and the problems? there are apparently lots of glitches where the chips you buy with real money just *DISAPPEAR*… and contacting customer service gets you a “oh, SO sorry” but NO replacement for said chips you *bought*!

    yeah, no. not my type of gambling, thanks very much. if i want to spend RL money on slots or whatever, i will go to a RL brick ‘n’ mortar casino where i can win REAL money.

    Big Fish has made a LOT of changes in the last year and none of them, IMHO, for the better. i’ve been a member since 2009 but am now rethinking that membership as they shift their focus from casual gaming to casino and “Free2Play” which is actually not free… it’s Free2PAY.

  • Ubermeme2

    I think it’s a cute ad, maybe because I love puppy kisses and iPad games. I have more fun playing casino than candy crush!

  • joan

    I think the guy licking a girls face is discussting!!

    • Kelly

      I think my fifth grader can spell better than you…

      • Amy

        I think your fifth grader is a figment of your imagination…

        • Kelly

          What a sad, angry person you are. I think you need some new hobbies…

  • Bobby hugo

    I like the music in this commercial. Is it a jingle or a real sing?

  • Nikki215

    I’m just confused as to why in the fantasy the man licking her face is a black man that they equate to a dog in her reality. smdh

    • mirrormAZe

      People are so ready to see racism that they see it when it’s not even there. She was having a fantasy. She was imagining a black guy licking her, probably because she would enjoy to have a black man lick her. How is that racist? If anything it’s the opposite of racism. Two people from “different races” in a sexually suggestive interaction. If this is offensive to you, it’s probably you who is racist. Thanks.

  • Pammie

    Was the guy on The Young and the Restless?

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