Photo via Uber.
Photo via Uber.

Uber, the fast-growing San Francisco app-based transportation startup, has another problem to deal with in Seattle: Angry drivers who say they’re being treated like slaves.

Former and current Uber drivers gathered on Sunday afternoon to discus what they call “unjust working conditions.” They met to talk about a possible union and address concerns about Uber’s treatment of drivers, specifically when it comes to deactivation from the company’s network.

William Anderson, a former Uber driver, notes here that once his rating went from a perfect 5 stars to 4.6, Uber shut down his phone without warning.

At Sunday’s meeting, our news partner KING5 spoke with former Uber driver Yedidta Seifu, who expressed frustration with the company — especially given the money he’s invested to become a driver.  

“According to Uber, we’re partners — but they treat us a little better than slaves,” he told KING5.

Brooke Steger, Uber’s Seattle General Manager, provided this statement when asked about the alleged unfair working conditions:

“More than 50% of Uber partner drivers are former taxi drivers because they feel safer knowing who is in their car and, with Uber, they don’t need to carry cash. These drivers also migrate to the Uber system so they can own their own businesses and have flexibility in their schedules, in addition to making more money. The taxi industry special interests who put on this event have continually failed to improve the wages and working conditions of taxi drivers, which is the exact reason why drivers partner with other technology platforms.”

Photo via Uber.
Photo via Uber.

Most people at the meeting were professional drivers who partner with Uber via its higher-end UberBLACK service. That’s separate from UberX, which is Uber’s cheaper option that allows everyday drivers to use their own vehicles to shuttle people around town.

UberX, meanwhile, is set to be regulated after the City Council voted last month to cap the number of vehicles that services like UberX and Lyft can have on the road to 150 — a limit that Uber, along with Lyft, has expressed disappointment with. But those regulations could be suspended and put up for a city-wide vote if a coalition group can collect enough petition signatures by April 18.

Representatives from the Western Washington Taxicab Operators Association (WWTCOA), who recently filed a lawsuit against Uber for “unlawful and deceptive business practice,” came to Sunday’s meeting in support of the Uber drivers. Mike O’Brien, a Seattle City Councilmember who sits on the committee for taxi, for-hire and limousine regulations, was also in attendance Sunday. Fellow Councilmember Kshama Sawant planned to go, but noted her absence.

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  • margaretbartley

    Were you at the meeting? What was their complaint? The only thing I saw was that when someone’s ratings went too low, they were dropped? Was that arbitrary? Not part of the agreement? Was that the ONLY complaint?

    • Patrick Boone

      A few drunk people giving a bad rating can cause an Uber driver to be dropped. Drunks give problems no mater what you do. It discourages drivers from working with drunks and that is what Uber claims they are here to stop drunk driving. More lies please! Well maybe they are not needed for you since your eyes are wide shut and see only what you are feed.

  • balls187

    I’d like to know how many drivers were at this meeting?

    I’ve only taken a few regular Uber’s (but plenty of UberX experience), and my sense is that Uber drivers are independent towncar drivers, who use Uber to find new clientele/subsidize their business.

    One driver mentioned that if they get a few bad reviews, they’re required to go to the local Uber office and speak with someone.

    I wonder if that’s the case with the driver referenced in the article?

    Locking out a driver for having an average of 4.6 stars is ridiculous, but locking them out after having several 1 or 2 star reviews in succession seems much more reasonable.

    • Melissa X

      “Uber drivers are independent towncar drivers, who use Uber to find new clientele/subsidize their business”

      Passengers are considered to be Uber’s clients, and drivers sign an agreement, which basically indicates there will be consequences for taking one of their clientele’s or promoting their business. Although Uber will try to deny it, drivers are Uber’s employees. They get their paychecks from Uber and Uber will shut off their phone if they receive low ratings. Uber isn’t good with drivers. In Boston, so many drivers haven’t gotten paid for several weeks and the Uber office there haven’t been been helpful and refuse to open office doors. They keep saying they’ll get paid but nothing. They must have received so many emails that they went as far as deactivating their email.

      • balls187

        Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that Uber drivers were trying to find new people drive directly.

        Rather, that Uber opened up a new set of clients who otherwise wouldn’t have ever hired a towncar service.

        As Uber drivers are independent towncar drivers, often with their own business, they use Uber as a way to add to their income stream.

    • Bugsy

      They do kick drivers out for 4.6 ratings with no second chance. I have a few friends that were kicked out because riders gave them bad ratings because their english wasnt good enough. And uber didnt want to hear the drivers side. But there is still riders out there that have bad ratings themselves. And these are the riders that get good drivers kicked out. That is not fair. Uber does need to hear both sides but they dont

      • Richard Muir

        Most Uber riders are good people trying to get from point A to B nothing more but there are some riders that are complete assholes and look for anything they can to give you a bad rating and Uber should have sense enough to know that.


      Fuck you piece of shit

    • Estival Chic

      I live in Atlanta,Ga. if you get a low rating you have to take a course which the prices can range from $40.00-$100.00. I had to sit in a 1 hour plus class.

      • balls187

        A single low rating requires you to have to take a class?

  • Mark Firmani

    This reporting is missing a critical piece of info – The Teamsters are behind this. The story link goes right to the site. I am not saying the unions should or should not be flouting these issues, but the reporter is misleading readers by suggesting the complaints are organic.

    • pitbullstew

      oh? ok so? what you are saying is that the teamsters hired the cars then schemed to give the driver a bad score and then when the drivers lost their gigs?
      Then, the teamsters came in to address the problem they created?
      Is that right?

    • John Kane

      The same is true of the people supporting Lyft and Uber in communities. It’s all driven by huge hedge fund investor money. It’s not “organic.” Look at the talking points Lyft and Uber have passed around.

      • Guest

        I haven’t received a penny of hedge fund investor money and I support Lyft and Uber. I like lower prices and convenient services. If it takes “huge hedge fund investor money” (did you think that phrasing would scare people?) to make prices lower and services convenient, so be it.

        • John Kane

          And the majority of Tea Party Patriots haven’t received a single dime from the Koch brothers. But that doesn’t mean that the whole movement isn’t simply astroturf, powered by billionaire money.

          Same thing with Uber & Lyft. You personally weren’t paid. But the whole thing is a scam powered by hedge fund investor dollars. That’s why Lyft raised HUNDREDS of millions of dollars through hedge fund investments.

          The idea that the whole thing is powered by “regular people” is a complete joke.

        • Uberx driver

          But do u tip if it’s good service or just rate them because that is a big problem with uber x and people always give bad no matter how good u drive

          • Exposing Milabs

            I think if they don’t rate you that it factors in to lowering your rating too. I drive late nights. By 2 am, some people can barely function enough to operate this simple App. Seriously! Some don’t even look at the app again when they get out of the car.

    • balls187

      A couple reps were on the Jason Rantz show on Kiro, and they claimed that while they spoke with the Teamsters and the Taxi Unions, this group is actually independent drivers coming together.

      The Teamsters may have issued the press release, but they aren’t “behind” this group.

      I’m not in the group, just passing along what was said multiple times last night.

  • MichaelTompson

    Of course. It’s Walmart in the making. What else do you expect? How long social media can sugar coat multi-billion dollar ride-sharing monsters?

    The whole ride-sharing business model is a power grab played out in slow motion on local government authority and local government revenue. Note that there are (still) no smartphone-hail / e-hail / ride-sharing permits and law-breaking ride-sharers conveniently abuse this regulatory loophole to the fullest. When confronted, these violators deny being in a taxi business yet “forget” the fact that when founded, many even named their companies to include words like “taxi” or “cab”. For example, Uber’s original name is “Uber Cab”. Ride-sharing companies are absolutely in a taxi business, and denying it is laughable. This status quo cannot continue. It lasted far too long. The golden days of Wild West regulatory abuse may soon be over for ride-sharing law-breakers. Regulators all over the world are beginning to grasp that this flawed business model exists only the expense of reduced local revenues to our cities and our local businesses. Some US cities have outlawed ride-sharing companies completely (for non-compliance, bad business ethics, and etc.) or are in the process of outlawing them. On international stage, China has outlawed Uber recently in a few major cities. Others are beginning to sell smartphone-hail permits to put some regulatory cap over ride-sharer’s aggressive uncontrolled and frequently manipulative tactics. The fact that we are comparing legitimate small businesses owned by local taxi drivers and local fleets, to few oligarchic multi-billion dollar companies that act as a ride-sharing cartel and that operate all over the world and use technology as an excuse to break laws and regulations is utterly unfair (to say the least).

    • african booty scratcher

      wah, wah, wah. Get a blog asshole

    • JayZ

      Yes, it is unregulated at this point, but why must everything be regulated? Regulations have strangled many small local startups. They carry proper insurance ( million dollar liability, 50,000 comp) and people enjoy getting into a nice clean car that does not have exhaust fumes coming through the floor boards or smelling like vomit. They enjoy having conversation with a driver rather than listening to one side of a cell call the driver is on. If you want to compete with ride sharing, taxi companies have to clean up your act, You need to have better, cleaner cars. You need to have personal drivers that don’t smell like cigarettes that have been dipped in cologne. They need to take credit cards and not balk about it trying to get cash. Do these things and the people will flock to you in droves just as they have Uber and Lyft.

      • MichaelTompson

        Ride-sharing taxis do not pay for municipal permits to operate a taxi business, do not have commercial liability insurance and the one provided by the dispatch corporation has gaps and is not complete. In fact in Chicago, they had to subpoena the details of this “million dollar liability insurance” because ride-sharing owners refused to share it. Ride-sharing taxis skip on regulatory fees that regulated taxicab are forced to pay. They also have frequent vehicle inspections and no minimal age and mileage requirement. They also are paying no local taxis because they are not local businesses. This is UNFAIR. To say the least. Also, local permits were sold by municipalities – this contributed directly to municipal coffers. Amazingly, some seem to prefer these funds flow to Cali oligarchs who own majority of ride-sharing private corporations. Why to them and not to your own city or town? Beats me. Ride-sharing is a corporate power grab over local revenues nicely sugar-coated with artistic photos and ads. People seems to believe ads by ride-sharing apps more than facts.

      • jo

        Yes u enjoy the clean car nice driver then u walk out and give one star and a bad Review

        • jo

          Some of the riders are so mean and they don’t appreciate the drivers who are there to give them a service they are such unworthy ones that they ruin the drivers life with a lower star rating and a bad Review I personally think they are just like animals no sense of humor

          • T

            I agree whole heartedly

          • kimberlykeen

            Spoiled rotten rich college punks with no sense of humor for sure lol

          • taximan951

            Sounds like ebay…1 strike and your out, I was a powerseller with over 3000 rating, went on vacation and wasn’t able to email back, got 2 strikes for not returning emails and was booted off…uber needs to mark off the worst 2 ratings each month when they figure out their average

      • Ruffslitch

        I agree! I can totally see why regular taxis are losing their butts to ride sharing. The few times I had had to take a cab in my life were disgusting, annoying experiences for the very reasons you named. Trying to communicate with a non-English speaking driver who your life in his bad-driving hands is scary.


        Fuck you motherfucker you piece of shit

  • Please Be Accurate

    I *LOVE* GeekWire. So why can’t you get it right? You’re being taken for a ride by the new taxi companies. We want the news, not their spin. The next-to-last paragraph should read:

    UberX, meanwhile, has been legalized in Seattle after the City Council voted last month to create a pilot program for services like UberX and Lyft. The pilot program includes a somewhat controversial cap on the number of vehicles that services can have on the road — a limit that Uber, along with Lyft, has expressed disappointment with. But those regulations could be suspended and put up for a city-wide vote if a coalition group can collect enough petition signatures by April 18, which would, make UberX illegal again.

  • Myles H

    I prefer Lyft. The drivers are fun and nice. I’ve never had a bad experience with a Lyft. And they recently dropped there prices by 20%!! I use Lyft almost every weekend :)

    And if you haven’t taken your first ride yet, download Lyft on your phone and enter code “PROMO1” in the payment section for a $25 credit. The code doesn’t expire and I’m almost certain it can be used anywhere Lyft is available.

    I wish there was a rewards program for loyal customers. lol

    • Guest

      You’re not even trying very hard to make it look this spam look like a real comment.

    • MirriamE

      Nice ad.

    • Lyles H

      “Almost certain” he says….

  • Kary

    It will be interesting to see if Google News covers this negative-Uber Geekwire story as predominantly as they did the Geekwire story mocking the City Council vote. That one was top of the page for Seattle news for about three weeks.

    Google is an investor in Uber and apparently didn’t like that vote.

  • Slaggggg

    Read the mynw article. Most of the attendees at this meeting were taxi drivers. This is just more the taxi lobby trying to shut down innovative new services.

    • John Kane

      Just to be clear, getting a taxi via an app isn’t an “innovation.” It’s simply using some software and your data to get a cab instead of your voice. Many cab companies have and have had for a while now websites which you can use to order a cab from. That’s been going on for a long time now. Really NOT an “innovation.”

      • MirriamE

        It’s a little more than that though isn’t it?

      • mesfinaraya

        I am a current uber driver in o.c. and yes i have driven a cab for many years, i thanked Gof for uber which has given me the freedom and the money a taxi company or driving a cab can’t give me. I abide by the company policy and i do my outmost to please my customers. Yes there are customers that don’t understand the rating system and some are just stingy with giving a five star as if it costs them more money. Our business is to pick and drop as directed, and in the short interval that takes us to get you from point A to B we accomudate you better than say a flight across the U.S.skies,,,with refreshments and more leg-room than the 777.
        P.S. if you are a taxi owner you would not like uber simple conflict of interest.
        UBER ON!
        Mesfin araya

  • John Kane

    Ohhh wait…. Ohhhh snap!

    Uber drivers love the “freedom” of an unregulated or deregulated cab market so they can drive regular working class Joes out of their jobs, but they suddenly want to be treated fairly in their jobs?? Yes, it’s a JOB, dummies. You are working for Uber. Now you’ll see that the government stepping in and protecting people’s rights on the working side of the ledger is a good thing. Maybe government protecting workers’s rights is a good thing?? Maybe??

    Oh the blatant hypocrisy and raging irony! SNAP!

    • Ruffslitch

      Gubmint regulation is not always a good thing. The regular cabs I have seen crap with lights out and excessive exhaust smells,,not to mention stinky interiors which seem to point to enforcement issues. Driving companies of any kind-taxi or truck- have to pay government graft somewhere in the form of higher taxes, road use fees, fuel taxes, permits, etc. Seems like customers ought to at least get a comfortable ride for their money.

  • Larry Best

    a community forum for uber drivers just started. it’s a free union of sorts :)

  • RDPence

    These drivers should band together and form their own co-op. There’s no good reason to leave their fate in the hands of California venture capitalists. Seattle has a rich tradition of local ownership via the co-op model.

    Oh, and please don’t call this business “ridesharing.” They are selling rides for money; ain’t no sharing going on.

  • MirriamE

    Slaves didn’t get to choose to be drivers you dolts.

  • Uber Drivers of America

    It is very easy for consumers to come to the aid of companies such as Uber. Heck who wouldn’t want a ride in a $60,000 SUV for only $10.00. The problem though is at what cost is the passenger giving something up in return for that $10.00 ride? Uber’s social media outlets have recently had more consumer complaints than there are compliments on the service.

    These $10.00 rides have resulted in inferior insurance which even reputable insurance experts indicate has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. Drivers who have literally zero experience are being hired for the UberX platform and are directly competing against their own UberBlack and UberSUV professional drivers at very similar rates which is an unfair advantage to their own kind since these drivers have made the ethical decision to provide their passengers with A Rated insurance, driver qualifications, and providing superior vehicles that undergo safety inspections. Simply telling a chauffeur to quit is an ignorant ideology which is given when the opposing view can not justify their point of view.

    With respect to the rating system it is flawed. There are chauffeurs with DriveCam footage that can prove that 5 star service was given for entire week on Uber and ye the ratings were in the 3 star range because drivers were being rated poorly due to Uber’s surge practices. Also note most Uber partners agree with consumers that no one should be charged $700 for a 40 minute or 1 hour ride, however they accept it because more than 90% of all trips done by a driver are at below economically viable rates by the actual provider of the service.

  • UberDriversofAmerica

    It is very easy for consumers to come to the aid of companies such as Uber. Heck who wouldn’t want a ride in a $60,000 SUV for only $10.00. The problem though is at what cost is the passenger giving something up in return for that $10.00 ride? Uber’s social media outlets have recently had more consumer complaints than there are compliments on the service.

    These $10.00 rides have resulted in inferior insurance which even reputable insurance experts indicate has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. Drivers who have literally zero experience are being hired for the UberX platform and are directly competing against their own UberBlack and UberSUV professional drivers at very similar rates which is an unfair advantage to their own kind since these drivers have made the ethical decision to provide their passengers with A Rated insurance, driver qualifications, and providing superior vehicles that undergo safety inspections. Simply telling a chauffeur to quit is an ignorant ideology which is given when the opposing view can not justify their point of view.

    With respect to the rating system it is flawed. There are chauffeurs with DriveCam footage that can prove that 5 star service was given for entire week on Uber and ye the ratings were in the 3 star range because drivers were being rated poorly due to Uber’s surge practices. Also note most Uber partners agree with consumers that no one should be charged $700 for a 40 minute or 1 hour ride, however they accept it because more than 90% of all trips done by a driver are at below economically viable rates by the actual provider of the service.

  • John

    I am an Uber driver, and I will tell you that Uber treats their driver like kings. I have never had so much freedom and such great income in my life. Anything else you hear is completely false.

    • tony t

      you are definitely not an uber driver

    • Jose mendivil


  • Uberxdriver

    Taxi drivers make more money on average then uber x drivers so there really isn’t any reason but safety to join except the fact that people can give u bad rating for no reason but because u don’t meet their social standards but not based on your service and plus your chances of losing your job and investment are high plus if you brought a new car I feel so bad for u because you have to work long hours to pay it off and at the end you get no return RIDERS ALWAYS ASK HOW DO YOU LIKE UBER it’s great for you!! because I’m held reliable but riders can do whatever and still stay on the system I bring water and candy you get a ride that is quicker and cheaper and you still can’t TIP shame on you all destroying the convince of the system and stop putting in the wrong address and asking me to cancel or pick you up in the middle of time sq peace

    • ^ that guys right

      Also uber takes 20% of each ride so we really get way less then what u actually pay

    • tony t

      thats true they put in the wrong adresss then when you finally get to them they are in a bad mood with you because you were in the wrong location .
      the equivalent to times square in the uk is piccadilly and they expect you to stop right in the middle of the busiest places in the world and wait for them while they come out of a restaurant .

  • tony t

    I work for Uber in London as an Exec , i am fed up with this rating system that clearly is not working , i totally agree with a rating system for obvious reasons but this system isn’t at all fair and needs reviewing .
    The riders when they are rating us 4 star , they are thinking they are giving us a good rating , which to be honest sounds good but it is harming our ratings , we effectively need 5 stars all the time , which is impossible , and i have my suspicions of the drivers that have down many hundred trips with 5 stars .
    also the app should not show the fare before they rate you as they could had a fantastic journey of which they would have rated 5 star , but then see the price of the ride after a surge and rate you poorly .
    i feel like giving every rider 1 star as i feel that i have given the best service possible and feel that they felt the same but as soon as they get out the car something changes .
    by the way my rating is 4.7 and in the last two weeks i have had 64 5stars out of 70 rides which with the current rating system still is borderline .
    Us über driver as individuals are lost in the thousands but if we come together we are the business , we need to form an international forum and stand up for our rights , we need to stop one hour of one day to get them to listen and believe me they will .

    • Marilyn

      How can one see how a passenger rated them.
      If you have time please read my post of +/- 8 pm today.
      HELP – I need the money and have been “fired”.
      Option to take a class for $50 – and if I pass they only promise to “reconsider” putting me back on the road as an Uber driver.
      Really would love a way to see my passenger ratings …..

  • tony t

    don’t get me wrong , i like working for uber and want to continue working for uber ,but i dont want the rider to be able to low rate you just because they might be having a bad day , i would like honest and fair critisim that would help me improve my service

  • Shawn

    I drive for uber since 2011 now my acount has been rejected and for no reson even they say some reson witch is not clear and they don’t answer on time it’s like take two months to get some answer so I can say über is fraud and it’s not safety for drivers and they disrespectful I have been driving limo for limo company’s in Los Angeles since 2003 and no one disrespect me like über did

  • Archie

    Just imagine how many people got employed .. Thousands of people got job now because of Uber

  • bugsy

    Uber is great. My only problem is that there is too many uber cars in Los Angeles and our business has slowed down. I wish L.A. would put a cap to

  • Marcie

    I was fired by Uber because I did not want to violate the law after my rating dropped too low . The charge : failure to run traffic lights by customer request . Client was in a hurry to get to airport and demanded I run thru some amber and even a red light . When I did not comply he gave me a ” one ” rating . This encourages Uber drivers to violate the law in order to maintain a good rating . So you say ” well, you can rate your passenger, too but what good will that do after you already have been fired ?!! Look up the law regarding using any phone while driving . You will find Uber is in violations of State law .

  • Mitchell Pulver

    this is a shady buisneness i generated 5000 a month with uberx the 20%` fee per trip comes out to be around $1200 with the cost of gas at $1200 you have to put close to 4000 miles on your car to reach that point. Now as some one who sold cars. i can safly say the average car payment and appraised value is based on 1000 to 1500 miles a month with payment on a prius at 450.So uber driver are depreciating they’er cars at same rate they are payed and after taxes they are makeing absolutly No profit for the driver now if you think this is faulse go to a car dealership tell them you want to buy a car to driver uber and put it on the app and see what they tell you. Uber is techincally slavery. they will only last until this is full discoverd and drivers file suit thank you uber. you have made slavery hip….

    • Keith D.

      Do you seriously think people are going to believe you’re paying nearly $18 per gallon for gas? A Prius gets 50-60 MPG, so at 4,000 miles, you’re using only about 66-80 gallons of gas, which at $5 per gallon is still only $400, not $1,200, and gas doesn’t cost $5 per gallon anywhere in the U.S.

      So you’re looking at $1,800 for fee and gas, plus another $150 for insurance, and about $80 per month for tires. That’s $2,030 per month out of $5,000, or about $3,000 per month in income generated. That will pay for a brand new Prius every 7 months. At only 48,000 miles per year, that would be like buying a brand new car after every 6 oil changes. WHO DOES THAT??

      A Prius in a livery service will last at least 400,000 miles without any major repairs, so that’d be about 8 years, which means you’ll be keeping 7.2 years of income per car you buy. That means buying a Prius every 400,000 miles will net you a $252,000 profit margin.

      Yeah, sounds awful.

      • Mitchell Pulver

        Kieths the 1800 to 2000 a month is nothing that amount of money cant afford even a studio in sf and your gas calculation for a pruis on flat ground not the city of sf.32mpgs at best . I myself put 30 dallors day in my car. but my point is the rate of depreciation is 450 at 1000 mile if thats all your doing mile wise .you do the math you just did out you prove they payed for the gas and the 1000 mile a week deprecation and take your profits with 20% per trip they’er is absolutly no money left after that point. 24,000 a year after they take they’er money out right?? 36,000 prius worthless in one one year one car wreck your fired

      • Mitchell Pulver

        you’ve made the car worthless at that point and where will you sleep and how would you eat if you payed for that pruis in one year you proved my point that they pay at the rate of depreciation and for the gas

        • Dude

          Mitchell, its a car. You don’t plan on keeping the car forever? The car is suppose to be an asset not a liability. It is suppose to generate money. Run it until the car is paid off and get another one. And its a Pirus for God’s sake!

  • John Watson

    Since 50% of the driver are ex taxi drivers, there is your problems the proverbial lipstick on the the pig senerio. They were BAD cab drivers and they are BAD UBER drivers.. But UBER doesn’t care they make money just signing up drivers..

  • N H

    uber also have their recruiting their own customers to give the drivers the low rates as well while expect the driver to purchase the new car then after that lost job because the low rate

  • N H

    uber satellite system did not give you enough time to go to pick up customer in peak hours while other drivers on road grid lock the running lane

  • Marilyn

    OMG – Can anyone hep me here?
    Boston Uber Driver.
    Got an email today – Rasier Deactivation‏
    My average rating has been 4.8 since I started driving 4 weeks ago.
    And a record amount of completed trips.
    Obviously I need this money, really really need this money.
    My option is to pay FIFTY DOLLARS to attend a class and if I pass they will “strongly consider” reactivating me.
    I wrote to them saying:
    Hi Vanessa -I do not understand how my rating dropped to the point where I am “suspended”.

    I have been enjoying a high rating for the last four weeks of being an Uber driver.
    Last night I picked up 4 very intoxicated people in South Boston – traveling to the West End of Boston.
    The most intoxicated passenger sat in front with me, was blasting the radio and made several attempts to light a cigarette.
    He opened the door several times while my vehicle was moving.
    Very difficult to manage this fellow but I was able to.
    The rest of the party were also upset with his behavior.
    Missed a turn but took the next immediate turn and we arrived to their destination.
    party could have easily given me a very low rating b/c of their
    impaired judgment and thought it would be “fun” to give me a low rating.
    All other rides were flawless, I was highly complimented by every group.
    Is there a way you can let me know the trip ID’s that complained?
    I strongly feel that a mistake has been made here.
    Thank you,
    So, fellow Uberizers, PLEASE HELP ME HERE – SO UNFAIR!!!!!!

  • KeJorn

    Even though I am an Uber driver, I find it very hard to speak well of Uber. They do not support their drivers. The ratings system is a joke and useless for the drivers. Much of the problems we have with a customer (rider), happens AFTER the ride is completed and you have already given them a 5 star rating (for no incidents). Riders have found ways to screw drivers out of their fares. For example, a boyfriend requests a ride for his girlfriend. I have seen this several times and thought nothing of it. However after successfully taking his girlfriend to the destination without any issues, the boyfriend calls Uber and claims that since he did not get a ride, he should not have to pay the fare. Uber drops the fare without any questions to the driver. Even when you (as a driver) ask Uber why this occurred, they blame you as the driver. This is garbage. To top it off, they seem to have something glitching during surge pricing that results in a wrong initial address (where you pick up the rider). It has consistently placed me 7 minutes away from the rider during surge pricing (4.5X for example) resulting in wasted gas and cancelled rides. I have reported this glitch to Uber but still no response. Finally, making at least an average of minimum wage as a UberX driver can be difficult, even during the prime hours (Friday nights and weekends). I am losing faith in Uber.

  • ChiefRay68

    A major problem is that these drivers are not required to maintain CDL Licensure with stricter guidelines and maintenance requirements let alone money the municipalities make off of the CDL’s. Uber is great for Suburbia based or rural areas where there are no fleets of taxi’s waiting on fares. Taxi’s leaving the airport are a dime a dozen and pricely, but try to get a taxi driver to pick me up out in the sticks to drive me to the airport and I have to pay through the nose.

  • Steve d

    I was a driver at uber had a 4.6 rating
    And had my phone turned off and now
    Stuck with 2 kids too support cheers uber
    Assholes I have a Facebook page Drivers against uber come and like thanks

  • 1aemet

    Lyft could use commonsense and DUMP the FLUFFY MUSTACHE to access more sophisticated clientèle and kick Uber boo – boomers buts. Classy communities use Uber boomers that use dignified small symbols to identify vehicles and are arrogant. Educated people w common sense shun the loud mouth obnoxious marketing children respond to that screams for attention at the expense of the rider.

  • mlk

    ..Here in nYC , if your ( Black ) your going to have a low rating as a driver..and most likely be bullied on a daily basis …cause of the rating system.

  • Jose mendivil

    We the people
    What the Uberyans dont understand is that we as sociaty have laws, rules, regulations and ordenances and nobody is so special to ignore the law
    Since the authorities are ignoring uber activitie, we as citizens should start doing citizens arrest to all of this disgusted criminals, also what we can do is take the car plates and report to the insurance companies that this cars are used for commertial porpuses without the appropiate coverage
    They believe that they are reinventing the wheel or doing something out of this world
    The procedures, the technics, the logistic, the books are well known since decades ago by any cab driver, even the somalies with 2 months arrived can figurate all that stuff
    The only new that this idiots are doing is depresiating the cab industry by a 60% or more, and just for the record; let me inform you that due to your stupideness
    The american people is loosing the culture to tip for services in this country. Im just waiting the day to go to a restaurant and the waitress tell me: “it is ok sir, you dont need to tip me, the tip is already include in your bill” and she pretending to be somebody very wealthy doing that just for fun loopoool
    I dont know if this is good for the economy of our nation , when the cost of living is strathosferic
    But dear Uberyans you can keep living believing that you are a genius leaving this great legacy to this industry
    Also when this apps send you to pick up someone that someone can cancel the service in the middle of you way simply becouse they can open your profile and see you picture and if the passenger don’t like how you look they can calcel you right away, so if you are hispanic or black you got to be prepared to be canceled many times or if you got high expectatives in this activitie you better have to be a handsome or very attractive person
    Another disturbing thing is that as driver or passenger you are practically forced to rate wach other from one to five stars; i still don’t understand the critería to rate someone as driver if my mission is to take the passenger to his destination with safe regardless his behavior, attitude, apparence, race, sexual prefferences relition…..ect
    The drivers of this apps can park, pick up and drop people any where even in the airport deriverately and nobody said nothing to them; as taxi you have to pay more than 100dlls daily to be allowed to pick up fares in the Airport; if they catch you picking people without authorization in the airport you are fined with 800dlls
    Indeed I never see so many impunity and abuses in a illegal activity
    And the authorities apparently doesn’t care about this illigal activitie
    Is uber brabing the transportation authorities? I really dont know is an issue to think about it
    In the case of taxis you have to have many requirements in order to operate this business, not to mention the value of the commertial insurance you have to
    pay and knoe the passenger are demanding very low fares becouse they know that uber or lift can take them almost for free
    In conclution if nobody do nothing to stop such unfair and illegal competition the cab industry could dissapear

  • Linda Beam

    I drove for Uber for 3 weeks and was doing great until I was suddenly deactivated because my rating fell to 4.37. I had even asked for help to improve my ratings and the rep said don’t worry about it because you are new. A picky customer complained about the music I was playing. How anal is that????

  • Linda Beam

    Another rep said the passenger comments were confidential and I wasn’t allowed to know what they said about me. How do I improve if I’m not allowed to know what I did wrong?

  • AJ Martinez
  • AJ Martinez


    When I heard of Uber I thought it was an excellent idea to
    generate extra income to support my family. After gathering all requirements
    and visiting their recruitment center in Santa Monica, California. I started to
    partner with them. It was very good as I
    could create my own schedule, meet nice people and make some money.

    After 3 weeks driving. Especially Friday and Saturday night
    I found out there are negative and risky aspects about these ridesharing apps.
    For instance, drunken customers with aggressive behavior, risk of being robed
    or stabbed. Despite being nice to riders, some of them are people in their 20’s
    who never appreciate what you do or simply don’t care. Moreover, deal with rude
    passengers or simply riders who think that 4 stars is a good rating.

    Uber deactivates your account if your rating is below 4.7.
    Unfortunately, I did not realize that matter before joining. Any rider could
    rate a 4 star instead of five, assuming is a good rating. Deactivation of the
    account means technically you are fired. I believed everything was fine until
    one night before heading to give some rides I got a note stating that my
    account was deactivated due to low rating. I felt perplexed, especially with a pregnant
    wife and 4 years old to support. Inappropriately, I moved to part time in my
    other job because I was doing UBER.

    As a deduction, with this bad experience I advise you to never
    think of Uber as a main source of Income or don’t quit your job to become Uber
    driver. The day less expected they will e-mail you the following letter which
    states that you are deactivated or in other words “fired”.

  • Mahesh patel

    Mahesh patel
    Last weekend drunk four coustmer form uber. He told me drop his friend other motel. Then go his motel. To much use wrong bad words. They say me shuck my dick. Steel I am quit. Never cooustmer give us trip. Not sow on time. Wait 10 minits 20 minits. No coustmer.think about how you get coustmer in international mall in Tampa Florida. Coustmer in side mall. And we wait out side. Thia is holid at so be are full all uber driver.
    How uber discussion I am not good driver. I work hotel motel last 15 year.

    FOR UBER DRIVING I BUY BMW 2006. $ 10,000. AND TODAY UBER SAY YOU ARELOW 4.3%. How I pay monthly pay.




  • Ernseau Joseph

    I am Ernseau Joseph a deactivated driver, I really don’t like the way that Uber deactivated driver’ rating is 4 61 thay deactivated my phone, what’s worse I bought the car expressly to drive for UBER I don’t have a second job and I have six. Children , I. Really consider that as an abuse .I registered for a class the don’t give me an answer. I wan them to tell me what they aske me to do with the car.

  • sam

    This thing’s which I read of other drivers are so true about dropping star ratings because of few drunks and real bad behavior people out there who don’t even appreciate for anything you do good for them to make their ride pleasant. And that makes the real hard working guy lose his job and lot more . what I feel is there should be someone there out for drivers support and help . Please try to do that and let us know what are the steps to do when someone of us loose our job our work for getting kicked out by uber for the low star ratings. Which are not even genuine. Thanks for reading and for giving support.

  • David Jackson

    Good Morning, I Have a different issue with the UBER System. Getting Paid. I started working with Uber March 14 2015, Customers were wonderful. in 6 days i made 28 pickups. rating has went up and down from a 5.0 to a current 4.6 as of today April 28 2015 I have’nt been paid any monies for the 28 trips that i have completed. contacted the company about this through E/mails on several occasions, but seems to only get the run around when it comes to answers. I enjoy the whole driving aspect, but would really like to get paid for work done without having to Sue Uber to get my money. Any suggestions will be appreciated greatly.

  • Estival Chic

    When your ratings falls below the 4.6 ratings then Uber shuts down your app.

  • Cynthia Ogden Wichner

    My name is Cynthia. Here’s my situation: I applied for Uber over 3 weeks ago, at the same time I applied for a Temp position. I’ve been working as a temp for 3 weeks now. I turned in all my paperwork as requested. Went online several times and did a chat with their online representative. Many times they mentioned my background check had not comethrough yet. Which I do not beleive. This last time which was last week, the representative said, “it seems all your paperwork is in order, but you were flagged for invalid state Drivers License,” He gave me the number to call and an email for support. I explained to him I live in AZ and I’m applying for AZ. I checked my own Driving record and it’s clean. My car is a 2013 4door Chrysler 200. So, I called the number he gave me. There is NO waiting on hold, you have to keep calling back. I emailed the support. Yes, I received an email (the only email) back stating, “Thank you for emailing us your concern, all our support representatives are busy, we’ll get to you as possible in a timely matter. That was last week. So, for me I guess they don’t want to hire me. I can’t even get a job with Uber. How sad is that?!

    • T.

      Might be a blessing in disguise Cynthia. Hang in there… best to you!

  • Chuck

    I’m think of becoming a UBER partner. Can you really make 700. to 1000. a week?
    Is it worth it? When do you have to be available 24/7 or can you pick your hours?

    • T.

      Guess what Chuck… your insurance company may restrict coverage while your app is on. Uber may only cover a loss while a passenger is in your car. If you have a loss while your app is on but before or after having a passenger in the car, you could be paying/sued yourself. Also even with a passenger in the car, if you have a loss that exceeds Uber’s limits of coverage you again can be on your own to pay the excess. Plus, don’t be surprised if/when your insurance company cancels your policy for being a rideshare driver

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