mostadmiredFortune released its annual list of “most-admired companies” today, and Apple remained at the helm as Microsoft dropped out of the top 20.

While Apple stayed ahead of the pack, rival Microsoft dropped seven spots from 2013’s rankings to 24th.

Six Washington-based companies made the list, including: Amazon (2nd), Starbucks (5th), Costco (12th), Nordstrom (17th), Microsoft (24th) and Boeing (26th). Portland-based Nike (13th) and Intel (47th) also made the list.

Fortune surveyed 692 companies from 30 countries and asked executives, directors, and analysts to rate companies on nine criteria:  innovation, people management, use of corporate assets, social responsibility, quality of management, financial soundness, long-term investment, quality of products/services, and global competitiveness.

You can see the top 10 lists for each category here. Microsoft did not make the top 10 for any of the nine categories.

Fortune offered brief descriptions for each of the top 25 companies. It credited Amazon for its convenience and customer focus, and noted how Microsoft spent much of 2013 searching for a new CEO.

Check out Fortune’s full list here.

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  • William Lawn

    Five of the top 25 based here in the Northwest.

    Where are all the RWNJs?

    I thought we were JUST like Detroit.

    Yeah, just like it.

  • Guest

    Congratulations to Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft for placing within the top 4% of American business! This is fantastic news for our region.

  • Jack McDowell

    Once again, it sounds like Microsoft needs to rehaul their PR division. They’re getting constantly beat up in the market when in reality people would kill to have an operating environment, much less the capital, benefits, career paths, diversity in thought etc. Sure, the quality of the average CVP is suboptimal and some decisions weren’t made fast enough, but through it, it’s still a damn good company. Quite frankly, Apple and Google can thank Microsoft as their primary target benchmark for being where they are in many of these categories by capitalizing on MSFT’s partner and product missteps to better meet customer demand. There is that additional tertiary benefit that Microsoft (unfortunately for them) has created for those companies (and these Fortune 500 companies) and also it’s created that residual, primary value for A & G which have also influenced that perception of A&G in this survey. Think about it.

  • Pat Binkley

    Congrats to Walt Disney for making #7 on the list. Not many people are aware that Disney has a huge presence in the Seattle area, with over 600 employees in downtown Seattle and 65 open job positions across ESPN, ABC, Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney Cruise, and Central Engineering.

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