Watch out, Microsoft: People are getting upset about the Xbox One again.

Some of the new console’s most heavily touted new features — including Skype calls, the “OneGuide” program directory and in-game video recording — will require a $60/year Xbox Live Gold subscription on top of the $499 cost of the console, according to an update to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold feature page.

The confirmation is prompting a new round of complaints from bloggers and gamers. Gizmodo’s Brian Barrett compares it to buying a Big Mac and paying extra for the special sauce. But so far, at least, the discontent doesn’t seem as intense as the complaints that made Microsoft reverse its controversial policies for used games and a persistent Internet connection.

Meanwhile, as noted by Neowin, an executive with Sony says that in-game recording won’t require a subscription on the PlayStation 4. However, Sony previously announced that its new console will require a subscription for multi-player online gaming, putting it more on par with Microsoft’s practice in that respect.

And finally, a new Xbox One unboxing video released by Microsoft this morning shows that the company will include a gaming headset with the console, contrary to earlier expectations. Here’s the full video. The Xbox One is scheduled for release in November.

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  • guest

    pretty much boils down to, “If you’re going to buy an XboxOne, be prepared to pay another $70 a year to actually do anything with it.”

    Nice to see that they took the financial hit to add back the headset after Sony beat them up about it. Which is probably why they now need to soak you for the additional services.

  • guest

    Last time I checked PC’s don’t need a power brick :-)

  • guest

    kinect as IR blaster. ok, that’s clever

  • Christopher Budd

    I can’t say I’m surprised and really if you’re going to use XBox for much at all you have to go Gold.

    My beef with this all is:

    1. I don’t want a Kinect. I have no use for it and the privacy concerns about it always being on are too steep for me (to be clear, I’m not so much worried about Microsoft as I am the NSA or others hijacking it).

    2. I have no use for a headset.

    I wish there was a “basic console” option that would let me not get those.

  • Shiverus

    First the gold is no different than before except stuff is getting more expensive. Get over it. Second your PC dose have a power brick. its called a Power supply and sits in your box taking up room! Third: Really… NSA hacking your Kinect. What a joke… my question to you Chris is what are you doing that would even remotely pop you up on NSAs list! yesh. The system looks great and I for one can not wait for it.

    • Christopher Budd

      Well it can be argued saying you’re concerned about the NSA is enough to get you tagged. But beyond that the key thing out of PRISM and other disclosures is that collection activities aren’t targeted: it’s scoop up as much as you can.

      Besides, the concern isn’t just NSA. It’s an Internet connected device so can be reached by hackers as well as agencies.

      Putting an always-on video/audio device into a living room like this has all manner of risks. Some of us just don’t want to deal with them. Giving no option in the matter just means we’ll skip this one.

  • Mark B

    If I am playing on-line I usually mute anyone talking through a Kinect as it is horrible to listen to.
    I have had an Xbox since the beginning but will not be purchasing an Xbox One due to the Kinect requirement.
    Bad move Microsoft.

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