ps4Sony has sold more PlayStation 4 consoles in the U.S., but Microsoft says it is selling the Xbox One at a faster clip.

Today’s report from research firm NPD reveals that the PS4 was the top-selling console for November — however, the PS4 did have an extra week on shelves, debuting on Nov. 15 compared to Nov. 22 for the Xbox One.

And for that reason, Microsoft says that the Xbox One is the “fastest selling console” in the U.S., noting 909,132 consoles sold in its first nine days. Since that’s slightly more than an average of 101,000 consoles per day, Microsoft said that Xbox One sales are “significantly outpacing the nearest competitor.”

xboxoneBoth companies announced — one week apart — that they had sold 2 million consoles globally earlier this month, and both companies said they sold one million consoles within 24 hours.

As far as which device has been more “successful,” so far, it really depends on how you analyze the numbers. In terms of global sales, there’s also the launch locations to factor in — Xbox One was available on Nov. 22 in 13 markets, while the PS4 came out in the U.S. and Canada on Nov. 15, and then in Europe on Nov. 29.

Microsoft noted that the Xbox One sold almost three times as many units as the Xbox 360 during its own launch month in 2005.

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  • Lacerz

    Sony launched on 11/15 in the U.S. and Canada and sold over 1 million consoles in 24 hours. Microsoft launched on 11/22 in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, and the UK and matched Sony’s 1 million launch… with 11 more countries. Then, Sony launched in Europe on 11/29, setting the UK record for console sales, previously held by the PSP.

    Tonight, Sony is launching in South Africa and the UAE, then on 12/18, they launch in India. I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce over 3 million units sold shortly after.

    Not to say that Microsoft is in full spin mode, but Microsoft is in full spin mode.

    • ThinkB4YouPost

      The article says Microsoft said the Xbox One is the fastest selling console in the US. You say they are spinning the numbers but you are quoting international numbers. Yes, both companies will spin the numbers their way and any investor would expect that. All companies are going to report on numbers that make their company look better, that is the way almost all businesses are run. If this is news to you then you need to do more research instead of trying to blame one company for doing what everyone does.

  • muchrockness

    So MS took the total XBO sales and averaged it out over the 9 days it was available. They then compared it to Sony’s daily average over the 16 days since launch. If you follow gaming, you know new consoles are frontloaded their first week. So most of the XBO period is that frontloaded period, whereas PS4’s day 10-16 is going to be the time where it was sold out and people were desperately asking around trying to find one. You can’t sell what you haven’t shipped!

  • Guest

    Except that ps4 outsold xboxone 2 to 1 in Europe. If MSFT looses the #1 spot in the us, they’re pretty much dead meat. Expect a big exec shakeup in jan/February in MS Studios if that happens.

  • VAharleywitch

    I think that for some folks who were on the fence (like myself), the bad press generated by the MS exec’s comments about those w/ limited or no connectivity – in our Armed Forces – amounted to “tough luck, stick w/ the old gen unit” – and made the decision for us. The initial confusion about the resale (or honestly, the lending) of games also decided things – I work 2 jobs, & during crunch time I can’t play my friend’s game for weeks but I don’t want him to be unable to play. My understanding is that this is, ATT, not the case for XBO, but IMO it shouldn’t have even been a cause for concern. I buy a game, it should be allowed to be used where ever, even if a digital signature of some sort logs it into the Xbox live system as “only in use in 1 location at a time”.

    While there are always games that are exclusive to each console (Fable is one I miss not having an Xbox post-divorce), the initial (and still existing) lack of the 360 to play BluRay discs tipped me towards the PS3. The MS exec’s comments tipped me towards the PS4.

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