It’s Friday afternoon and sometimes there’s nothing better to do than ending your week with some Halo.

Unfortunately for gamers everywhere, that’s not possible right now. The Xbox Live servers have been down for the past few hours and it’s not making people very happy.

According to the Xbox Live service status website, the ESPN, SmartGlass and Karaoke apps all appear to be having problems, too.

You can follow @XboxSupport for updates. Good luck to all the Halo fans trying to survive without some multiplayer mayhem.

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  • joe
    • guest

      “Storage is currently experiencing a worldwide outage impacting HTTPS operations (SSL traffic) due to an expired certificate

      The MS clown show continues…

  • clive boulton

    RT @Devops_Borat: Law of Murphy for devops: if thing can able go wrong, is mean is already wrong but you not have Nagios alert of it yet.

  • stas


  • gamer

    sometimes bad things are happened

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