wtfhasmcginndone1You may recall the website (there’s also the R-rated version here) that was launched back in 2010 by Barack Obama supporters to remind people of the president’s accomplishments.

Graham Klym and Andrew Cole developed
Graham Klym and Andrew Cole developed

Now, just as Seattle’s mayoral race kicks into high gear, two Seattleites are doing the same to show their support for Mayor Mike McGinn.

Inspired by the aforementioned Obama website, Graham Klym and Andrew Cole just debuted to show people exactly what McGinn has done in his three-and-a-half years at the city’s perch.

The website is pretty simple. You can click through each accomplishment of McGinn’s, which includes a link to a news story that goes into more detail. The buttons offer clever phrases like “I could do that in my sleep,” or “Big deal. What else?” or “I’m unimpressed.”

We came across a couple GeekWire links: One about the city’s plans to develop an ultra-fast broadband network with Gigabit Squared, and another regarding the Earth’s “greenest building” in Capitol Hill:


Klym, an executive assistant at Perkins Coie, said he met Cole, a software developer, through Seattle’s pinball community. The two are big fans of McGinn and just wanted to develop a creative way to show their support.

“I’ve run into a lot of misinformation about how effective Mayor McGinn has been,” Klym told GeekWire. “I wanted to create an easy, fast, fun way to share accomplishments and sources with as many people as possible. The WTF Obama folks had a brilliant template for it, so we couldn’t help ourselves to model our site after theirs.”

Currently, there are about 25-35 links up on the website but the Klym said there will be around 70 after a big update coming shortly. There’s also a Twitter account created for the website.

“The Mayor’s in a tough re-election battle, but he’s been an incredible, productive, progressive advocate for the city and its citizens,” Klym said. “This is our opportunity to share that with folks who may not be paying such close attention to what he’s acheived.”

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  • Kevin McCarthy

    He is facing a tough reelection battle because he’s a liar and an idiot. He lied about his support of the viaduct right before the election, then as soon as he was elected threatened to veto it.

    He only *finally* gave in when the citizens voted directly in 2011 with a whopping 60% of the vote to support it.

    • guest

      So says the idiot.

  • lan

    Many of the ‘accomplishments’ on that site are McGinn trying to taking credit for the work of other groups. Some of them were even ‘accomplishments’ that were stipulations of legal settlements. “McGinn ends drone program”… that he started in 2010.

  • Joe

    On Public-Private Partnerhips: “The problem is that business is very successful in channeling taxpayers’ money to their own interest and is particularly good at doing that when this enterprise is covered by an image of doing good work. There is always a need for a sort of intellectual cover and the better the intellectual cover is the more dangerous the process is.”

    Luigi Zingales, Economics Professor at University of Chicago and author of Capitalism for the People, I cannot encourage people enough to take the time to read this book.

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